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Your story ~

You were just 7 years old when your mom suddenly disappeared and so you were left alone with your dad your uncle and your older cousins .
Your dad became abusiv , he had no mercy on you . He would always go out late at night and come in the morning then he would take his anger out on you . You never really understood why he did this and every time you asked him he would only get angry and beat you and not answer your question .

Your cousins were perverts , the more you grew up the more they got touchy with you and you didn't like it at all , they made you feel scared and uncomfortable . You lived with them under the same roof and that made it even harder for you .

And Your uncle ? He was barely at home and when he was , you were like his maid .
"Y/N cook for me"
"Y/N get me water"
"Y/N buy me cigarettes"
"Y/N clean my room"
"Y/N do this Y/N do that ...."

Your 15th birthday ... The most horrible day in your life you never expected that to happen but it happened. That day will always haunt you .
It traumatized you .
Your own father locked you in your room with 2 perverts.
The 2 you once called cousins ,you once considered as your family , where the 2 who ended up raping you (I'm so sorry if this makes you uncomfortable)
That night only your screams and cries were heard . That night was your most horrible night .

The day after that your dad called you a slut . He beat you up one last time before trowing you out of your own home with no money , no clothes only a phone . You were wearing nothing but a hoddie and ripped jeans , it was winter and you were cold . And since that day you are living on the streets .

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