Seven: The Cabin in the Woods (C)

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"How about we play a game."

Riley finally spoke out, breaking the intense ten minute silence in the room. His eyes darted from Jess to Ashley and to Liv.

"I said let's play a game."

"Fuck you Riley." Liv spat out.

"Okay Liv, you've said that word about five times in fifteen minutes, it doesn't sound cool anymore." Riley said.

"Fuck you even more." She glared at him.

Riley laughed sarcastically and waved his hands off. He then got up from the couch and headed towards the kitchen.

"Anyone down for some tequila? It comes with the game of course." he asked.

"Count me in." Jess said and sprung up from her seat.

"I'll get the glasses." Ashley said and followed him into the kitchen.

A minute later, Riley returned from the kitchen with a large bottle of tequila in his hands and Ashley with a tray of wine glasses.

"So here's how the game goes. I invented it." He said and his face lit up in excitement.

Jess groaned. "Off course it has to be one of your stupid games."

"No but this one is good. I call it 'Seven wishes and a drink.' You say a wish, something so secretive, like a dare and it has to be the truth, then you drink. We'll go round in circles and the first person to get drunk is out. The last man standing is the winner."

They all gathered around in a circle on the floor, with their wine glasses in their hands. The lights and music were turned off and Ashley lit a candle at the center of the circle. The room fell into a dark solemn silence.

"I'll go first." Ashley said, almost in a whisper. "I wish I had a million dollars so I could run away to Paris and buy a nice mansion." Then she drank.

"Not bad. Starting it off on a light mode." Riley nodded in approval.

"I'll go next." Jess said and picked her glass. "I wish I had a dog. I've always wanted one."

"My turn." Riley sang out. "I wish." He said running his hands through his hair. "I wish I could get into a hot tub with Kevin right now."

"Riley!" Ashley howled and they all busted out laughing.

"Kevin from honors chem ?" Jess asked amused.

"Yeah. He's been my secret crush for about two years now, but I don't think he has ever noticed me." Riley said wearily.

"Okay. I'm next." Liv grinned. "I wish Ash wasn't such a bitch at times." She glared at Ashley and took a sip.

Ashley grinned back. "Haha. Right back at ya."

They went on with the game, round after round, until they started feeling drowsy and blurred out. They spoke lowly among themselves.

"I could do this all night." Ashley said. "Look at you Riley, you're practically drunk."

"I'm not." He paused and took a breath. "I wish my parents would accept me for what I am." He said, the wine glass nearly slipping from his hand.

Liv laughed a little. "Parents. I wish mine would just die. I don't need their approval for anything. I could care less." She continued. "and as for my sister I wish one day she would meet someone who wouldn't clean up to her polished ass."

"Families are complicated." Jess said.

"Not mine." Said Ashley. "Your families are a train wreck. Mine's just, perfect."

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