Six: The Cabin in the Woods (B)

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"How does this look."

Liv was rolled up in the large bed in one of the rooms when Jess stepped out of the bathroom in a lacey black matching underwear.

"Whoa ! who're you getting all dressed up for. Is it me?" Liv's reaction was priceless.

"You wish." Jess replied and laughed.

Her slim body was fit perfectly into it. Her caramel skin blended with the shade of the fabric.

"But no seriously. Are you dating someone and aren't telling me." Liv face became serious and questioning.

"Maybe. Maybe not" Jess teased around.

"Jessica ! tell me now !" Liv yelled.

"I'm not dating anyone." She yelled back.

"What's wrong with wanting to be prepared." She continued. A slight smirk lit up on her face.

"Oh so you wanna get laid now, cause there's really is no one to get it down with. Your choices are limited to Riley but the dude is gay."

Jess rolled her eyes and threw herself on the bed next to Liv.

"I'm just trying to find myself again, you know, before everything." She spoke lowly now, seriousness setting into her tone.

"You mean be the hoe you once used to be."

"Yes." She chuckled and smiled. "Be the hoe I once used to be."

She paused for a while and stared into the ceiling. "To be honest. I'm just trying to feel normal again, date someone and fall in love."

"Is this Jessica Peterson !"

Jess sat up and glared at Liv. "But no seriously if you tell anyone I'll kill you."

Liv sat up, curious and surprised.

"I won't."

Jess took a deep breath and spoke. "There's this cute guy I met a few months ago at the mall. He was really sweet and nice. When I'm around him, it's like nothing else matters. He makes me smile all the time and I start to feel weird feelings I've never felt before. He makes me feel happy and I haven't felt that way in a long time." She paused. "I think I might really like and I want to start something really serious."

Liv looked at her speechless. It was baffling to hear Jess talk about feelings. It wasn't the Jess she knew but she accepted that people change, like her.

"The weird feeling is called love." Liv said and smiled at her.

They both laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, enjoying the satisfying silence and rummaging through their thoughts.

"Do you miss her?" Liv suddenly blurted out.

"Off course I do." Jess replied after a sigh.

"Sometimes I feel like she's not far from me. I feel her presence, like maybe she's at a distance just watching."

"You're saying it like she's dead."

"Maybe she is." Liv said flatly.

"Liv. How could you say that." Jess scolded.

"Don't tell me you don't think about it." She cut back in. "I watch how you, Ash and Riley act like she doesn't exist anymore, like she's buried and long gone." She let out her words carefully, trying to conceal the pain and anger in her voice.

"Because we don't carry our shit about and mope our faces like you doesn't mean we don't feel it too. You think I don't miss her. You think I don't want her here with us. Or you think I don't think about her." Jess raised her voice. "Every day since September I have to carry a fake smile to school, conceal all my hurt because I don't want people to see how much everything has affected me. And I'm sure Ashley and Riley feel the same way too, so Liv just shut up."

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