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Opal watched her stomach as it started yelling at her again, her hunger cramps driving her insane. She scowled and looked at Grimlock as he watched her stomach with alert, as if something might burst out and Attack. She grinned and screamed as high pitch as she could and the large bot reeled back so fast he got whip lash and fell onto his back with a huge crash, making Opal stumble and laugh as he tried to get back up, looking like a turtle stuck on its shell.

"Stupid toaster"

She snickered as she stood up and started wandering through the forest, intent on finding food while TRex turtle tried to get up.


After hours of climbing, digging, jumping, crawling, and searching Opal came wandering back to their 'camp spot' with a make shift basket, good thing she took survival class, and it was full of the some kind of fruit. She knew it was good because she had seen it in the markets before, she had even cleaned them and picked the best looking ones.


Emma came bounding over immediately, her tail wagging and ears twitching, she stopped right in front of Opal and made a whining noise, asking for permission. Opal smiled gently and sat down with her, pulling one of the fruits out and handed it to her. Emma sniffed it and looked it over thoughtfully. It looked like a mango but was green with a red flower looking thing on the stem. Opal chuckled and just grabbed one, biting into it. Her face twisted and she gurgled, slowly chewing it and swallowed it with great difficulty.


Emma grinned at her face then bit into the fruit and scrunched her face up like crazy, hissing as the sourness went down her throat.

"I told you"

Opal snickered and then the two girl spent the rest of the day, eating the fruits till only half the basket was left, Opal laid against a log, rubbing her food bump as Emma slept peacefully on Strafe's back, her stomach nice and full. Sighing happily Opal got up and walked over to Grimlock, laying under his neck making the dinobot cast her a curious look, but she was already asleep, full, happy and now warm.

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