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Hi! My name is Gabby😊

I will be writing a story called "Bullied By Him" a Jack Gilinsky fan fiction.

I wrote many stories before but not on Wattpad, so I hope you guys like this💕

Follow my Instagram: @needingthemboys

If you want to. (I post edits of the old Magcon boys so go check it out)


Isabelle Maya is 17 years old. She goes Westside High and she's senior. Isabelle lives with her mother (Maria), her 22 year old brother (Josh), and her 12 year old brother (Oscar). Her father died in a car accident when she was in 9th grade. Once her father died everything changed. She lost someone who made her day bright like the sun. Isabelle wasn't the same. She lost all her best friends because she wasn't acting the same and she always told them that she didn't want to talk. She had almost everything. A great family, a few best friends, and guy best friend who helped her in everything.


Isabelle's POV:

It was the first week of 10th grade. I just lost my dad in a car accident 4 months ago. I didn't go anywhere durning summer time only if my mom made me. I hardly talked to Jack and my best friends. I just couldn't survive at what was happening.

"Well you look skanky today." I heard a familiar voice said.

"Jack?" I said while I looked up.

"What bitch?" He said is angry voice.

"Why are you calling me names?" While tears were building up.

The bell just rang and he left while he pushed me against the lockers. His friends were laughing at me or I can I say the whole basketball team was laughing at me.

I didn't know what was happening.

~School Ended~

I was walking home. I felt like shit the whole day. Jack kept on calling me names. My friends were ignoring me. I didn't know what was up.


At right that moment Isabelle noticed she lost everything. Her dad, her best friends, and Jack.


I hope you guys will like the story. 💕😊

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