Three: Apartment 308

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"Hey. I got your text." A lady said as she motioned them in.

The striking interiors of the crammed apartment immediately came into view. Colors filled everywhere. The furniture was too big for the living room and the shelves loaded with books carelessly misplaced looked too small for the room. The rugs were soft. Liv wiggled her toes deep into them as she glanced around the room. The curtains were a tie-dye design and antics resembled decorations Liv had once come across in an antic shop on a family trip to Italy.

"Hello." A kind smile on the lady's face came into view.

She had a short pink dress on with wavy arms and a slim scarf tied around her blond hair that made her look like a hippie.

"Hi." Liv replied shyly, shooting a quick look at her before turning to face the ground.

"This is Olivia Sullivan." Zander introduced.

"Hold on. The Olivia Sullivan." Her face changing to surprised.

Zander nodded, his eyes pleading for the lady to say no more.

"She's all over the news."

"She needs a place to stay. Could she crash here for a while." He continued, ignoring her surprised remarks.

She pushed Zander away who was in between the two ladies and softly held Liv's shoulders ushering her to her couch.

"I'm Karen, a friend of Zander. You must have had a rough night." She said, her voice full of concern as she smiled softly at Liv.

"Zander you're handling her case right?" she asked compellingly, whipping her head to face him.

"I don't know about that yet. John gave me a call. She hasn't really said much since we left the station."

"Well you should handle it. You're not just gonna..."

"Karen." He cut in now glaring at Karen "Can we have a word, in the kitchen."

"Excuse me for a minute." She told Liv and excused herself with Zander.

Their voices echoed through the kitchen as they argued about their little guest in the living room. Karen's nature was kind was selfless, it was no secret and that was why Zander didn't hesitate to bring Liv over. But him however, he wasn't ready to put himself back out there. He feared he wasn't the good successful young lawyer he once was. He lost everything. A good career and an amazing fiancé. His life was practically skyrocketing until he became blinded by the light and then everything came crashing down on him. He sensed hope with Olivia. He reminded her of what he used to be, the cases he used to win, the hope he gave to many and the great justice he loved and upheld. But his cowardice held him back.

"Zander this is another opportunity flashing in your face."

"I can't."

"You can. You've been sober for three months now."

"It's not the same."

"I've read the headlines. Something doesn't seem right with the story. If the girl is really innocent then we've got something here."

"How could you be so sure." He cut back at her.

Karen raised a brow "you know it and I know it."

"I don't know Kay." He tossed his head about and sighed.

"Hey look at me. This is not the Zander Kline I knew. The Zander I knew would never let an innocent woman be battered about like she's a criminal. Have you read the papers at all, the public would lynch her if they could. And the Zander Kline I knew believed in hope when all seemed to be lost. This is the chance for you to do something right again."

Zander lost everything in his life but he was blessed with friendship. And luckily he had Karen Reyes, his private detective turned best friend, to always pick him up from his feet. The Karen that was there for him when he lost his job and girlfriend, that pushed him out of his bed and threw all his beer cans away and drove him to rehab, encouraged him to take up minimal law jobs was now the same Karen staring intensely in his eyes, believing in him and making him believe in himself so he too could believe in Liv.

The two returned back to the living room.

"Sorry about that. Can I get you anything?"

"Water would be fine." Liv replied and Karen dashed into the kitchen and returned with a glass of water.

Zander nervously coughed in his hands and sat down in the chair opposite Liv.

"Miss Olivia. I can't promise you that any of this is going to be easy but if you give me a chance I would really love to defend you because I can be sure that the police are going to be back for you."

"How are you so sure?"

"I'm a good lawyer." He replied sharply suddenly regaining the confidence he once had.

Karen smiled, her face beaming with pride. Liv inhaled deeply and sat up straight.

"I'm guessing you want to hear everything that happened. I've told the police already but they don't believe me. What makes you any different? How am I so sure you're going to help me after I tell you the whole truth." Liv looked deeply into Zander's brown eyes, looking for confirmation."

"Because the impossible is worth fighting for."

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