Two: The Man in the Plaid Shirt

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An hour had passed since the questioning. Liv was free to go, but she was scared to face what was out there. She had nowhere to go, no one to call or help her. She knew what she was about to face. The news headlines would already be carrying the story all over the state about the famous mysterious Sullivan mansion that had burnt down, or worse, the death of the notable and successful Chicago business mogul Steven Sullivan and his wife and daughter. The press was heavy outside, a cop had once come in to tell her.

She tapped her feet impatiently as she held on to the office telephone at the station. She opted to call Jessica, an old friend of hers back in high school but her mom had made her cut everyone off once the thing had happened. She forced her into therapy, locked her up at home and took away her social life. She now wondered what all her friends might have thought of her when she suddenly didn't show up anymore. If she tried to call Jessica, she thought as she looked at the dial pad, would she react the same way she had reacted to her years ago when Jessica had tried to reach out to her. Bitter and cold. Her thoughts were interrupted by a hoarse voice that called her from behind.

"Miss Sullivan."

Liv sharply turned around. A young man stood there in a rumpled blue shirt and faded jeans. He had dirty white running shoes on and his dark hair looked liked he had just rolled up from bed. The only thing that made his look smart was the sharp briefcase he held in his hands.


"I'm here because I heard you needed a lawyer, urgently." He stammered and sounded unsure of himself. "I'm a lawyer."

Liv was taken aback for a moment. Was she about to be accused of the death of her family? She hadn't even remembered asking for a lawyer.

"I didn't kill anybody."

"I know." He paused "My name is Zander Kline."

"Olivia Sullivan."

"Oh I know who you are." A quick smile flashed across his face and vanished a second later.

He pulled out a card from his pockets and handed it to her.

"If you ever need a Lawyer but I assume you've got tons already. I'll be glad to be on your defense team at least, you could just give me a call."

Liv studied him for a while. His appearance was completely different from what he claimed to be. One would have thought he worked at a bar or a night club and never guessed he would be a lawyer fresh out of law school. A jacket over that washed out shirt would have at least looked more presentable. They stared at each other, both baffled at what they were looking at. Just as much as Liv didn't think he was fit to be a lawyer, he thought she wasn't fit to be a high society rich girl. It was then Liv remembered she was still in her nightgown. Being so scared and traumatized at that time she refused to take them off at the hostipal. She was only given a pair of flip flops. She looked down at her dress and brushed it against her skin.

"I'll go now." He said awkwardly and turned away to leave.

She returned to the dial pad and stared blankly at it. Was it really worth the risk? Even if Jessica did pick up, what was she doing to say? She knew she wasn't ready to confront that past. Thinking about it alone made her heart race and she held back from panicking.

She threw the phone away and turned around. Then pushed passed some officers and hastily followed behind the young man.

"Mr Kline Mr Kline." She called out, quickening her steps and trying to keep her eyes focused on the lawyer who was now a far distant away.

"Mr Kline !" she yelled before he was out of the station.

"Mr Kline." She said timidly walking up to him.

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