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[ Season 3B, Ep. 15 ]


EYY so for those interested in the crossover, would you like it to feature characters from the both of us? (or maybe just feature them as cameos) I'm already working on the first chapter, so pls tell me your opinion! :)

If you guys are also wondering about when I'm going to publish it, I'm not really sure but most probably after this fic ends, because I also have a few works in progress as well, works that are not fanfics but teen fics.


"Wakey, wakey, time for brekky!" I exclaimed as I barged into one of the Institute's guest bedrooms, where Magnus was currently sleeping.

Yanking the blanket off of him, the warlock groaned before rubbing his eyes.

"Sleep well?" I teased.

"Slept like a rock," he replied.

I grabbed his arm. "Come on, Bane. Breakfast ends at nine am and I don't want to miss pancake day. I've been craving pancakes since yesterday."

The dining area was filled with chatter as Magnus and I entered. "Ames, I appreciate the hospitality, but doesn't the Clave have rules against Downworlders living here?"

"Their not rules, their suggestions." I corrected. "And besides, if someone even dares to voice their distaste about it, they're going to witness the anger of a pregnant lady."

Stares followed us as Magnus and I made our way to where Jace, Alec and Clary were seated. "Ignore them," I said. "These idiots have nothing better to do."

Jace greeted us as Clary waved at us, her mouth stuffed with pancakes. Alec scooted over to make space for me, while Magnus sat beside Jace.

Clary swallowed her pancake. "Magnus, what are you doing here?"

"Uh, where do I start? I just moved out of my apartment, but unfortunately, my real estate agent died a few hundred years ago, so finding a new place has been a bit of a struggle." He said.

I felt Alec's hand on my belly, and I let out a small smile. "In the meantime, he's going to be living with us for a little while."

Jace and Clary were of course, okay with it, and Izzy too when she had sat down on the other side of her brother, looking like she had just came from early morning training.

"Remember what I said, Mag. It's not you, it's just that they're not used to warlocks being here. If they do, they have to answer to me."

Izzy snorted. "As if anyone would dare to challenge you."

I grinned. "Exactly."

Izzy suddenly turned serious. "Guys, I found the chip in Greenlaw' s stomach. I'm going to need more time since it's highly encrypted."

"Just keep us posted about it." I said.


"I need to pee." I declared. Alec only gave me a look of amusement, before nodding his head.

Once I finished, I headed back to the office, only to see Izzy and Alec discussing something.

"I couldn't find anyone." Izzy was saying.

"What about Maia?" Alec asked.

"She's not among the dead. There's no sign of her." Izzy replied.

Not among the dead. I frowned. "Luke's pack was murdered?"

Alec nodded gravely. "Most of them. Vampires killing werewolves. This is how wars start."

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