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And the very amazing sneak-peak into the lives of my main characters by the beautiful, gorgeous and talented VRPond. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into it❤

And my amazing readers, please watch it before moving ahead!!!


1. This cover is a drawing of Toni Mahfud (aka Aadolf Cadman, my main character) and is edited by rosedaffodils.

There will be this moment in a lifetime where you will choose to follow what you feel or not. To let someone be a part of it or not. That was Toni Mahfud's inspiration to create this drawing. His exact words are-

"She waited for him, while he watched from afar. She wanted him to say something, but he was waiting for a sign. After feeling downhearted for what seemed like a lifetime to her, she gave up, but she still hoped he would find out. He must have misunderstood because he thought she had found her light. Little did he know, she was under a gloomy and sorrowful sky, still waiting for the clouds to part."

2. A few Reader's reviews--- (Copy-pasted)

A) I LOVED YOUR BOOK SO MUCH. It's so mind boggling to me cuz I don't love reading books about human-wolf mates but damn girl, your book is straight up amazing. Everything from the writing style to the vocabulary to the storyline has me dying for more chapters.

B) I AM UNDENIABLY OBSESSED AND LOVING THIS BOOK. Everything was just... SO FUNNY!!! (I nearly peed, I laughed so much). The plot is really good and writing too. I AM GRATEFUL TO YOU FOR WRITING AND INTRODUCING ME TO THIS BOOK!!!

C) Thank you for the opportunity to read this awesome story!!! It is everything I like: romantic, a bit dark, funny, kind of real and easy to read. The way you write makes me gulp every word, not skipping a single letter, which means it is EXTREMELY INTERESTING and I can't help but read it non-stop.

D) I LOVE THIS BOOK AND ALACRIS TOO MUCH. The fact that she is funny, weird, brave and tech-savvy at the same time is straight-up amazing. You keep your readers interested in the whole time. I think I cracked a few ribs while reading your book (I laughed so much). I am glad that I discovered your book!!!


Adolf Hitler- How many of you have heard of him?

And now, how many of you can name me ten names of today's world terrorists and most wanted criminals?

It's not your fault, our education system apparently focuses more on History than General Awareness.

The issue is that my main character is named as AADOLF CADMAN!!!

Yes, I am well aware that name is considered a bad omen after Hitler!! But I'm not the one to believe in superstitions so forgive me!!

For me, Wikipedia kindly tells me that Aadolf means, "A STRONG AND DISTINGUISHED WOLF"


But if the name makes you feel uncomfortable, please don't proceed!!!

I am tired of hate comments on my book. I have more than wonderful readers and I want this new writing hobby of mine to be a pleasant experience.

So please, if the name bothers you, please don't read further. As for "changing the name" suggestions, I REFUSE TO DO IT!!!



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