⚽️ Noussair Mazraoui ⚽️

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Noussair Curly Hair Mazraoui

- Cares a lot about his curly hair

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- Cares a lot about his curly hair

- If not with you, he spends his existence with Hakim Ziyech

- Sarcastic af

- Gives the bad boy vibe

- Sweet only with you

- Loves to pull little pranks on you

- You babysitting him when he's with Hakim

- Very protective

- When a guy looks at you, he gets very jealous and makes everything to make people know you guys are together

- Introduces you to the team (please do not forget about me because I love Ajax boys)

- Always talks about you with his teammates

- Hakim will become your already grown son and you'll love him and make him eat

- Buys you lot of presents

- Trusts you with his car

For @-neymardasilva 💛🥂
~ Светлана✨

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