122| Dreamer

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It takes,
To worship in a church
No other soul steps in
A religion
Nobody knows of,
Are made of your prayers,
Until finally the star breaks into a new dawn
An explosion of light,
And you're up there in the sky,

It takes,
To believe in the unbelievable,
And to dream of gardens and pasteurs,
Farther, behind the cold deserts,
And miserable milestones,
Standing open in a graveyard of dead expectations and buried hopes,

It takes,
To know instead to assume,
That another step and you'll reach to the peak,
It takes faith,
In the stars and in the the moon,
In the rainbow of midnight and the thunderstorms of noon,
To grow your wings and take flight,
To the cloud nine that seems high,

A dreamer,
Isn't another poet
Or another rock tossed in the lake,
A dreamer is extraordinary,
For it takes a dream,
To come to life in a spectrum of light,
And create a reality worth every right
Or wrong,
In a path
Made for strong,
A dreamer,
Is me and you and them.

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