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Walking back in Caitlin and dawn make there way to Barry without talking to the others. Everyone giving confused looks but they ignored them. "Can I." Dawn asked Caitlin pointing to Barry. "Yes..yeah sure." with that Dawn once more heats her hand up, waving them on top of her father. Barry began to sweat, shaking from side to side. Dawn then blew a wind of ice until he was between hot and cold. Then woke him up after concentrating her lighting in her hand making her own Defibrillator. 

Barry woke up with a long breath going up and grabbing Dawn and Caitlin's arm. Everyone had a sigh of relief. Barry looked at Dawn.

"Your Elizabeth, you. How are you...what are you doing here." he asked taking a shirt from a table close by and throwing it on. "I um.. I needed to talk to you and Caitlin, Alone."  she said almost whispering. "Actually I and Iris need to talk to all three of you." Cisco said pointing at Barry, Caitlin and Dawn. The three make there way out, "We know she's your Daughter." Cisco practically shouted not being able to keep to in anymore and Iris simply nodded. "WHAT?" Barry asked while shouting.

Dawn and Caitlin made Eye contact "Surprise." they say then giggle, but go straight when they see where they were. "I knew it," Iris said smiling proudly "Yeah she looks just like you," Cisco said pointing to the two. Barry was lost he couldn't remember that Caitlin was pregnant he had no memory of this, he looked around searching for answers until Caitlin and Barry's eyes made contact. He finally remembered a huge smile crept on his face. He picked her up and twirled her around. "You're pregnant" he squeaked in delight 

But Caitlin looked saddened by what he said. "Hey, Cait, you okay?" he asked suddenly in a worried voice. "I'm fine...Just leave it alone." she whispered then ran away, Barry saw that one tear in her eye. He sped up to her, ignoring the shouts from behind him he saw Caitlin sitting with her knees to her chest as she cried silently.

"Cait, are you okay." Barry said looking over to her as he sat beside her. However, he got no response, so he tried again "What's wrong." he says and to that, he got a slap in the face. "Stop acting like you care, stop acting happy, stop caring for our child, stop looking good, stop making me feel like you care, stop fucking with me when you have a wife, stop just stop." she said pushing him after every "stop". Barry thought to himself until his mind went to the time he told her to stop caring and she wasn't Iris.


You're right I'm not

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You're right I'm not." she looked straight into his eye hoping he could feel her hurt "Bye Barry." was the last thing she said before running out of the cortex.

End of memory...

"Cait I'm sorry I didn't mean that." "yes, you did Barry, you have friends a wife, a family." she said getting up of the floor. "You" Barry said looking into her eyes "Cait like I said before, you're worth all that, your my life, my family, my friends you're the one want to sp..." but before he could finish a pair of lips hit into his. Fighting for control over the kiss,  Barry eventually won, wrapping her legs around his torso, before Barry flashed the both of them both home. 

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