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Cutie Seokjin 💕:
my place

Crush ❤️🌹:
why do you suddenly crave my company?

Cutie Seokjin 💕:
you have what belongs to me

Crush ❤️🌹:
looks like it's my lucky day? 😏

Cutie Seokjin 💕:
fuck you hoe
bring my toy
send your location, I'm coming to you

Crush ❤️🌹:
Okay Jesus

Cutie Seokjin 💕 has changed this contact's name

Cutie Seokjin 💕:
Okay, expect me in about 5 minutes

ManJoon 🐥😍:
Okay honey


Seokjin stormed out of his apartment, phone clutched in one hand, on his way to beat the shit out of Namjoon. When he finally reached the younger's house, he banged on the door with his knuckles.

"FBI, OPEN UP!" he yelled and the door was immediately swung open by a scared and shaking Namjoon. The taller relaxed after seeing that it was only his extremely angry and sexy looking friend.

"Seokjinnie!" he exclaimed before engulfing the older in an amorous hug, Seokjin's angry demeanor floating away with ease, being overthrown with his loud heart beating in his throat.

Namjoon let the older in before closing the door. He watched as Seokjin angrily sat on the couch, his arms crossed, a genuine frown on his face.

"You look comfy," Namjoon stated, plopping down next to Jin.

"Give me my vibrator and I will leave," the older remarked, putting his phone in his hoodie's pocket and sinking into the sofa.

It smells like Namjoon.

"Okay, babe," Namjoon sighed and Seokjin's heart started beating faster and harder again.

The pet name and tired, raspy sigh made Seokjin feel submissive. His hard expression of anger instantly softened, his cheeks brightening in a pretty red.

The older watched as Namjoon stood up and went upstairs.

During the period that Namjoon was upstairs, Seokjin inwardly squealed, a smile gracing his lips as his blush deepened.

I'm so fucking whipped. Fuck.

When Namjoon came down, the blue device that belonged to his Hyung in his hand, Seokjin immediately calmed down and stretched out his hand, silently asking for his toy. But all Namjoon did was sit down next to the older, a small tint of pink on his cheeks.

"Namjoon, my toy," the older demanded, wiggling his fingers.

Namjoon suddenly grabbed Seokjin's soft cheek and smashed his lips onto the older's. Jin's eyes widened as he pushed the taller away, covering his mouth in shock. His heart was once again beating out of his chest.

"N-n-namjoon..." he stuttered, removing his hand from his mouth.

The blonde pushed Jin down on the couch and hovered above him, capturing his lips again, the vibrator still held in his hand. Seokjin whimpered and shut his eyes tight, fisting Namjoon's tee so hard that his knuckles transformed white. Tears lined the brim of his eyes and his body begun to shake. He felt the younger's tongue graze across his bottom lip.

After multiple times of asking for entrance but not receiving it, Namjoon pulled away, noticing the tears in Seokjin's now open eyes.

"Baby, what's wrong?" he worriedly asked and Jin looked away.

"Do you like me, Namjoon?" he replied.

Namjoon stayed quiet. He didn't expect to be asked such a question. Sure, he liked Seokjin, but not in a way that he could date the boy. He hadn't developed any feelings for the boy below him.

"Your silence says everything," Jin mumbled before he pushed Namjoon off of him and grabbed his toy from his hands, stuffing it in his pocket before leaving.

More tears lined up in Jin's eyes as he grabbed his phone from his pocket and dialed Taehyung's number.

"Seokjinnie? What's up?"

"Taehyung, c-can you please come o-over?" the older asked, his voice shaking.

"I'll bring ice-cream, tissues and some movies."

The line was then cut dead and Seokjin smiled softly at his phone before hurrying home.

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