Part 2 ; He's back

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I still can't believe that he is back now? But he said he will be back in 3 years later but why he back early??

"Am I a ghost, princess??" I quickly back to reality when I heard him said like that to me.

He looks more handsome now than before, yeah maybe he has a girlfriend or fiance now.

"No no no.. Why did you come back and when you come back??"

He give me his cute boxes smile. "Why? Are you not happy when I'm back now??"

"No, I didn't it. I just shock because it's look so sudden. Something happened with your company at Dubai?"

Yes, he is Kim Taehyung. He is my best friend since 4 years ago.

Taehyung shake his head. "No. Everything is good there. Don't worry."

"So what about your marriage and Jungkook now?? Are you happy with him??"

He suddenly asked me that question. What I should answer him now?? Omg tae, I'm so lonely.! Like that?

"Ahmm.. Yeah yeah.. I'm happy with him" I try to action and answer surely to him.

"Are you sure you're happy with him now??" His beautiful eyes deeper looked me just like want to make sure my answer to him.

"Yeahhh.. I'm sureeee.. Is there any problem with my answer??" Why he did seen unsure with my answer??

"Aaa nothing. I just want to be sure only as your best friend,
y/n" I just give him a smile only.

Taehyung's POV

So, y/n don't know about Jungkook's silent relationship?? She still don't know about that??

I just groaned heavily when I remembered the burden y/n would face later. What I should do about this problems??

I was wondering why Jungkook able to cheat with y/n for 2 years they were married??

Why Jungkook marry y/n if he never love her? Why he so cruel??!

I deeply looked at y/n while thinking about how to make she not be very hurt about it if she knows later.

Honestly I said, I was not able to see y/n hurt and cry again. I can not afford it!!

If y/n happy, I'm smiling. If y/n frustrated, I'm hurt. If y/n laughed, I'm calm. If y/n cried, my heart felt pain.

I know about Jungkook's cheating on y/n since 3 years ago but i can't tell y/n about this because I'm sure she'll be hurt and can not accept the fact.

"Tae.. Tae.. Taehyung..!!" I quickly back to reality. "Sorry, what??"

"You don't hear what was I talking about??" Lisa asked me with her anger face.

"Sorry, I was thinking about something, ladies" I try to give them a big smile.

"Did you want join us go to shopping??" And now, y/n asked me but when I want to say yes, I got a short message from my phone.

067- 456 xxxx

Boss, we've managed to take half of JK Group's Company funds and assets as you want.

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