new beginnings ☺️ .

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nba youngboy !

i finally saw my first love and my first girlfriend ian never loved a girl like i loved her for real that girl was a true ride or die

i miss her so damn much ion one why i got another girl pregnant on her and when she left that shit broke me literally

i was in my room for at least 1 - 2 months i didn't wanna talk to nobody but her but she made it real clear she didn't wanna talk to me she blocked my number , changed her number , and block me on all her social media's

that shit cut me so deep because she was all i had and i hurt because my head was so far up my ass to see the truth she was my first love she gave me her virginity and i broke her trust

but i got her new number from her lil sister nunu i been hesitating to text her because i don't kno what she gone say ima just get it over with

uhh hey trinity

first love 💔😩:
who dis

me :

first love 💔😩 :
how may i help u

me :
just checking up on u

first love 💔😩:
i'm doing fine .. i'm just packing up my boyfriend clothes

me :
wym ?

first love 💔😩 :
when we was at the mall yesterday i saw him and this other girl kissing 🤷🏽‍♀️

me :
damn .. want me to come over ?

first love 💔😩 :
nah ion want u to but u can
839 pineapple rd

man i was so happy when she told me i could come over ..

kira !

all the girls just chilling over trinity house while she upstairs packing demarcus clothes and stuff she came downstairs and placed ALL his things outside the door

" i feel free now " trinity said plopping down on the couch

" u ain't gone call his ass and till him " taniya asked

" yea i'm calling him now ..
hello demarcus ... not yo baby .. cause u cheating on me anyways ian call u for this yo clothes outside come get em fa i burn them up and don't try shit stupid cause me and my draco gone be waiting fa dhet ass " trinity said hanging up making everybody laugh

then there was a knock on the door " who at the door " he braniya asked " probably kentrell and dem " trinity said making me mug her

" which means 3 coming " i said rolling my eyes " i got it " new new said getting up to get the door and ALL of them walked in

" who shit outside " bommer asked

" my ex boyfriend's " trinity said and kentrell sat on the couch beside her

ben sat at the table with braniya , kd at beside nunu , 3 sat on the arm of the couch , bommer sat by me , and baby joe sat beside new new

" what y'all wanna do today " bommer ask putting his arm around me

" shit it don't matter it feel good ass hell outside though " ben said

" y'all tryna go to a party " kd asked

" who throwing it " kentrell asked

" lil baby he invited y'all if y'all open y'all dms " said

" oh mmm see actually i was already going lil baby asked him while we was otp two days ago " trinity shrugged

" damn u fucking with lil baby bestfriend " ben said making everybody else laugh except kentrell

" no i am not " trinity blushed as everybody continue to laugh

" fuck u blushing fa " kentrell mugged trinity and everybody got

" boy pipe down at least he didn't get nobody pregnant on me " trinity got up and moved over there by ben

" fuck is u still on that shit for " kentrell said getting pissed

" because bitch u had me being loyal the whole fuck time and u had me looking stupid i should have fucked u over bitch " trinity shot back at him

" fuck u just say " kentrell said as he stood up

" i didn't mumble shit that just came out of my mouth u heard what the fuck i said " trinity stood up

" aye aye aye calm the fuck down its not even that serious " ben stood between them

" nah move he standing up like he gone do some i guess he forgot i'm not scared of his as nor am i any of them other bitches he beat on i fight back so take it down a notch before i rock yo shit in my living room " trinity pushed ben out the way and got in kentrell face

" man get the fuck out my face that's what u better do cause i will shoot yo ass " kentrell said while pulling his shirt up and showing his gun

" who the fuck gone make me get out yo face u talking hella shit bitch shoot me dumb ho ian scared of no bullet and u might wanna take it from under yo shirt it ain't gone do nun under there " trinity shot back and pulled her draco out

" think i want split yo shit in my living room " trinity continue

" aye y'all chill the fuck out it's not that damn serious " three snatched trinity draco from her and kentrell 38 from him

" ugh give it back " trinity whined making everybody laugh

" this bitch crazy " kd said making trinity run upstairs to her room

" did i hurt her feelings " kd asked and we all shrugged except nunu and me

" nah yeen hurt her feelings she going up there to get another gun " me and nunu said and continue to look at her phone

" this motherfucker " 3three said as he got up and meted her at the stairs with a draco in her hand

" nah let me go he was talking hella shit .. and yes nigga i do fuck with lil baby and he be beating my back in every night " trinity said and sticked her tongue out and all of us bust out laughing

" mannnnnn ian worry about it nomo " kentrell waved her off and sat back in his same spot

" u ready now " 3 turned his attention towards trinity and she nodded

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