Chapter 8

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No one's POV

It was now when Izuku is 5 months in has pregnant state. Aiza and Izu are going to see if izu can see for himself what the quirks are.

Izuku POV

I woke up from my nap to see a letter that said Aiza is getting food for who knows how long. Today I will find out the quirks of the twins on my little screen thing. I looked and saw that Izula's quirk is to think of something to break and she can control it with her mind to were she wants it to go. On the other hand Aizuko quirk is healing with Aiza's quirk and a little bit of super strength. I hope Aiza is happy about their quirks. I also saw when they are developed after they are born and apparently they can use there quirk the second they are out of me.

A: I am back.
I: I found out their quirks and when they can first use then.
A: That is great Izu.
I: Ok here is the information *tells about their quirks*
A: Wow our babies are going to be strong.
I: Yep and want to hear when they can start using their quirk.
A: Why not.
I: It is when the second they are born.
A: Wow that will be nice.
I: I know.

The next day

Agh I hate school I can never get enough sleep the night before. But the question is why.

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