Chapter 4

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As they meet for the first time, TWICE and Middle Point already clash. Braulia knows that the only way to sort things out is checking of them. This is why she's looking for answers.

Braulia: I'm waiting for an answer, girls. A proper answer. You know, you haven't got all the time.

Lenzie: That's why you should leave now. We have to see Leslie in, like, ten minutes and you're in the way.

Padgett: And we were supposed to have breakfast... well, until these stupid midges got in the way. Now I'm starving!

Lenzie: Padgett, can you stop complaining for once?

Braulia: Time's almost up, girls. Tell me what happened. I won't leave until you tell me. Even if Leslie is here.

Amanda: It all started when their stupid leader came by to say hi!

Jihyo: It was common courtesy!

Jennille: Yeah, and that girl with dyed hair was all rainbows and sunshine, asking us to introduce ourselves with that annoying cutesy voice!

Dahyun: Hey!

Braulia: She was being polite, Jennille. Something you need to be starting from now.

Jennille: Or?

Braulia: Don't test my patience!

Abbygayle: Then stop defending TWICE. You work for us, remember?

Braulia: I-

Dahyun: Why are you always rude to Miss Braelia?

Cheyenna: It's Braulia, idiot!

Braulia: Cheyenna, don't insult Dahyun!

Cheyenna: But she started getting on my nerves.

Braulia: Please apologize to her.

Cheyenna: Or?

Leiann: Perhaps you should listen to Braulia...

Abbygayle: Leiann, don't suck up to those girls, okay?

Leiann: But I-

Abbygayle: I said don't!

Braulia: That's enough! I'm off! (Storms out of the restaurant)

Lenzie: Perfect. She finally left. About time! Hahaha!

Leiann: When is Leslie coming?

Amanda: He's just texted me. He's coming just-

A man in his middle thirties comes in. He's wearing a purple suit and a white shirt. His striking blue eyes are scanning the hall.

???: Now.

Lenzie: Oh, Leslie, here you are! You need to help us! There are these girls who-

Leslie: Lenzie. Breathe.

Amanda: Leslie, it's serious. These girls (points at TWICE) are ruining our day!

Leslie: Who, them? But they're so nice!

Abbygayle: What the fuck is going on with all of you? First of all Braulia, then you! You can't prefer TWICE to us.

Chaeyoung: Are you scared or what?

Abbygayle: Shut the fuck up!

Leslie: Shhh. Let's all breathe in and out and then have breakfast. Quickly, please. We have a lot of things to do.

Lenzie: (turning to TWICE) This means that you have to go. See you never!

Leiann: But, Lenzie, what if we meet them again?

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