Part 26

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Ok.. sorry for being late as usual... Also a 18+ part at the end..😉

Just wanted to thank you all for supporting my story.. and wanna tell you one thing that , this story is done! The content is!.. i wanted to tellyou how these two people randomly ended up together! And maybe I've done a bearable job!😌😌😌😅😅 .. hope so.. yes there are few parts to end it but theres no more twist and turns to it.. this part was not expected as it turned out to be and you will know why...

Disclaimer- Not being stereotypical but imaging Tripuras place as a typical cennai ghar.. i mean with 3 rooms a kitchen an open aangan.. a terrace a store room😉.. so it will be fun... (Also I had chennai express in mind whn I had thought of this story😂)

From now on there will be only epilogues or extra scenes...


He was checking his phone while she was just in a towel so alluring him. He had to control himself, they just made love in the shower and she must be exhausted for sure. He kept his head down in his phone while she dried her hair ever so cautious about the every single twitch of his body. Her body was so sore, the shower helped her but yet she craved for the pain and pleasure. She watched his figure which was stiff. He was keeping himself focused in his phone.

She clutched the towel and walked towards the wardrobe, she knew he had his eyes all on her. Her heart fluttered with the feel of his constant gaze.

She opened the cupboard door but was going to shut it quick embarrassed by the picture it had on the door. She shut it quick and just prayed he didn't noticed but he did.

"what was that?" His voiced neared her with him.

She felt her heart beats raise.

"what?" She tried being oblivious.

"open the door!" He tried moving her aside while she guarded it more.

"there are my private things in it" she kept her tone normal while she was fully flushed.

"I have seen your private things more closely and precisely so I guess there's nothing to hide from me" he smirked at her before smartly sliding his hand on her back and tugging her towel. She clutched it in reflex and he took that as an opportunity to open the cupboard door.

She shut her eyes not to face him. She was so embarrassed and heard him gasp slightly.

When she open her eyes she saw him, his eyes were open like saucers and his jaw hung.

She took a confident step and rested her back on the door just beside the poster.

He looked at the picture and then at her. A picture poster of his first movie where he was shirtless. She kept her gaze on him while she raised her hand and caressed his picture.

"this..?" He was short of words.

"I had a crush on you" she blushed. "even sherry has one in her room" she blushed more while he stood there stunned. He knew the craze about his first movie was, still there are people out there who look for collectibles.

"she has the one with the red jacket" tipsy continued further "I snatched this one from her" she bit her lip while he was still lost. He was overwhelmed.

"can you sign it please!" Her eyes shone like a fan while he chuckled. "I have signed and marked you all mine isn't it?" He kissed and caressed her neck and chest which showcased the love bites with pride. She blushed hard holding the towel with one hand and fisting his hair with the other.

He looked around and found a pen holder, taking a big marker he came back to her and gave a big autograph. The same one he gave in those times, now he just moves his wrist randomly not even caring if it even mean anything in any language!. This sign of his was practiced and adored before his movie release, he was so excited to get to the fans and give them autograph that he created a record of giving autograph to a thousands of fan on the premier night.

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