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Hi guys!! 

Well, there is a bad news for all of you. I AM FREAKING  BACKKKK. I know you people are not at all happy with me back. But hahaha , I am here. 

Wondering why I am so rudeeee ?? Well even though I was disappeared for like months and months .... nobody cared about me. No messages to aske me where I am, no comments on my stories , just notingggggg...

And an extremely bad response on my other story (the one on the other account)

Anyways , as I am back so I will try updating my stories also I am starting a new story that is NOT A FANFICTION . Named as : tied with a string. (Romance)

If you trust my writing skills , give it a try !!

So that's it ... and yes.. thank you so much for making me realise how my presence and absence does not matter you people

Thank youuuuuuuu

~ reona_30

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