Chapter 3

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Why is Braulia Statkiewicz, Middle Point's social media manager, talking to TWICE? You may all think she's up to something dangerous, but is it what she's going to ask them worth the risk?

Braulia: I'm glad that, at least, you're being reasonable.

Nayeon: What do you mean?

Braulia: I'm the social media manager for Middle Point. You know, the rising pop group... or this is what I thought.

Jihyo: Middle Point? Who are they?

Braulia: I knew you'd ask. (Shows a poster where nine girls, each wearing sexy, revealing attires, are posing and showing off plastered smiles) This is the group I work for.

Dahyun: They look all smiley and confident... And sexy.

Braulia: Yeah, they want to embody sexiness, girl crush and, why not, a little bit of sass through their songs and their choreographies. I guess they're doing a great job with that, but there's a major problem.

Jihyo: What kind of problem?

Braulia: Their ego.

Jeongyeon: That's it? I thought worse.

Braulia: No, not just like that. They don't even know manners, first of all. Secondly, they allegedly started shading whoever could threaten their reputation. Including you.

Nayeon: Hahaha. That's a joke, right?

Braulia: I'm serious. They're not even realizing that they're crossing the line. This is why I need your help. You can even tell the truth if you're asked, I'm not the type to keep secrets. You have to talk to them, get to know them and then report me if you find something suspicious in their attitudes.

Mina: So, are we acting like secret spies or what?

Braulia: Spies? Oh, no. You are just a group who has the chance to talk to a fellow group, am I right? Now, I have to go. Keep the poster. You'll need it so you'll recognise them. Good luck! (Leaves)

Sana: That woman is weird...

Jihyo: Okay, so we have to pretend to make friends with those girls, right? I'm not sure we can do this.

Jeongyeon: I don't want to do it.

Nayeon: Well, if we don't, she will come for us.

Jeongyeon: Okay... But they don't exactly look nice.

Chaeyoung: She mentioned that they have some attitude issues.

Tzuyu: This means that they're stuck-up bitches!

Chaeyoung: I don't know... We should meet them first...

Dahyun: Maybe they're just stressed but they're downright nice.

Chaeyoung: How can a bunch of girls who shade other artists be nice?

Dahyun: That Braelia woman may be a liar.

Jihyo: Really?

Momo: Girls, I think I've just seen them.

Sana: Who?

Momo: The girls on the poster.

Mina: Middle Point.

Chaeyoung: Let's see how sassy they are.

Dahyun: We should go and say hello, do you think?

Nayeon: No way! We should see if they make the first move.

The nine girls from Middle Point approach a table, which, perhaps not by pure chance, is next to where TWICE are sitting. In particular, three of them, Lenzie, Amanda and Jennille are laughing under their breath.

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