⚽️ Ante Rebić ⚽️

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Ante Colgate Smile Rebić

- Smiles a lot because he still has teeth

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- Smiles a lot because he still has teeth

- Runs faster than Usain Bolt if you need a thing

- Even faster in bed

- Calls his mom a lot

- Drama queen

- Sex in person

- Has the most dirty mind in the world

- Put both of you in awkward situations

- Make a lot of dirty jokes

- On his identity card he is 25, in reality he acts like he's 15

- Party animal

- Listens to music at whole volume in his car and sings even though he cannot sing

- His day is based on playing with his dogs and watching cat videos on YouTube

- Very funny

- Has also some defects

I love Ante!! He very funny and one of the best player of the world!!😍😍
~ Светлана✨

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