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Neymar Good Hair Da Silva Santos JR

Neymar Good Hair Da Silva Santos JR

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- His hair are better than ours

- Loves his hair more than anything else

- No Neymar, no party

- Literally he is the party

- This means you and him will even host a party or go to a party everyday

- Girls being jealous of you but let's leave them live in their jealousy

- Does puppy eyes to make himself forgiven

- Very jealous of you

- Loves to show everyone you belong only to him

- Contrarily to what people think, he is very sweet and romantic

- Supports you in everything

- Dreams to have a little princess

- Amazing father

- Will do anything to make you happy

Dedicated to my Neymar number one fan fashiongirl04 💛💛
~ Светлана✨

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