⚽️ Loris Karius ⚽️

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Loris The Viking Karius

- Does not say 'Please come to Besiktas'

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- Does not say 'Please come to Besiktas'. Like never.

- Sometimes do a lot of questionable things

- Probably make a tattoo in your honour

- Looks very sweet but in reality his mind is much better than 50 shades

- Be ready to see Klopp at your wedding who takes the wedding rings... or that celebrates the wedding

- His dog is your first kid

- Love to do shopping with you

- Love to train with you

- Very romantic

- Love to remember the world you are his and only him

- Has lot of sense of humour

- Take you almost everynight to fancy restaurants

- Contrarily to Matthijs, he looks like Thor

For ABiebes150303 our Viking Karius!!💛🍻
~ Светлана✨

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