46. The Rogue

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A cold wind hit the BloodMoon Pack, signaling the start of winter. My wolf loved the cold breeze, she yearned to run against it in the forest. This season always reminded me of my father. He loved winter, believed it was the Moon Goddess' favourite season. However I believed he loved it because it was the season that he found my mother and instantly wanted to be Mated with her.

This entire day began with Cyrus and I hiding in the bushes, since then, I hadn't seen him or heard from him. Neither had the other girls, whom were asking about the rest of the guys.

"I Always hated Alpha business stuff," Jordyn groaned as the three of us sat on the kitchen couch, looking at a blank television screen.

It was true, we were bored. I was sore in more ways than one and Kendra was looking quite pale. Her bronze skin wasn't so golden and she barely spoke.

"They speak so formal in those meetings," Kendra stated and sighed. I nodded and rested my head back on the couch.

"We should do something!" I groaned, "I hate being so bored here."

"We can't go anywhere, ever since the attack Cyrus won't let you out of the Pack house without supervision." Kendra replied and I rolled my eyes.

"Let's get supervision then, I'm getting sick of seeing those fucking kids around here.." Jordyn mumbled and I lifted my head in shock at her words.

"I hate kids, sue me." She shrugged unapologetically and I shook my head in amusement.

We all sighed in unison and it caused us to laugh at how bored and stupid the three of us looked.

"We are suppose to be independent she -wolves!" I said aloud.

"False! Kendra and I are independent," Jordyn laughed, "you've been Mated!"

"Oh shut up, doesn't matter if -"


A voice called interrupting me. I raised myself up and looked behind the couch to find Sydney leaning on the door frame. Her thigh was wrapped in a bandage and her face wasn't as glammed up like she always looked.

"Can I speak to you?" She said softly and I hesitated to get up.

"Go," Jordyn smiled

"Um no, there's nothing for you to say to her." Kendra frowned and I smiled shyly, getting up and walking towards her. She led me to the foyer and took a seat on the small table beside the fireplace.

"What did you do to me?" She blurted out.

"What do you mean?"

"Cut the crap, I remember your wolf ripping into my thigh and when I woke up it was completely healed. I know us wolves heal quickly but a bite like that should take at least two full days to heal. Not in the span of 15 hours." She kept eye contact with me and I gulped in nervousness.

I didn't know if I should tell her..

"You're a good warrior Sydney, you must have healed quickly." I covered up and she gave me a pointed look of disbelief.

"Fine don't tell me. But I wanted to say thank you, for whatever you did." She places her arms over her chest, "but if you ever lose control and attack me when I'm down, I promise that day, you'll lose your life." She spat and got up, limping towards the staircase.

I scoffed at her and shook my head. I thanked the Moon Goddess that I didn't tell her about my gift.

Enemies were everywhere.

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