Chapter 33: Something To Hide

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With one hand balancing a small plate of the pasta salad, Ryn rapped the knuckles of her other on the door.

'Colt?' she asked, rather timidly. 'Is it alright if I come in? I... I brought lunch...?'

There were several moments of silence, giving her enough time to convince herself that he was still unconscious, and debating whether or not she should storm back downstairs to tell Quentin a light-hearted 'I told you so', or leave the plate just inside the door for when he finally did wake up...

But, as it would seem, she needn't have worried, for those moments of silence ended with the words she heard seep out from beneath the door.

'It's open.'

Her wings fluttered awkwardly, as she turned the handle, stepping into the bedroom beyond.

Like her own room, and, in fact, most of the other rooms within the warehouse, Colt's room was dimly lit.

There was a reasonably well-kempt desk pressed up against the wall to her right, with a small reading lamp hanging limply overtop. Beside it stood a tall, narrow bookshelf, filled with a plethora of non-fiction tomes, ranging from biology, through history, right down to a thin book labelled: Learning HTML. It was like he had his very own, miniature school library nestled within this room. A dresser to the other side bulged with the numerous items stored within its drawers. And resting snugly in the opposite corner of the room was a single bed.

Colt lay across it on his stomach, a small laptop resting on the pillow in front of him. She noticed he hadn't changed out of the shirt he'd worn just a few hours ago, the material near the shoulders torn to expose his skin beneath.

He turned to face her as she entered.

'Hey,' she began. 'How are you feeling?'

'As well as I can,' he responded with a pull at the corner of his lips. Ryn suspected it was supposed to be a smile, but it failed miserably.

She grimaced, gesturing to the item in her hands. 'I'm sorry to bother you. Quentin sent me up with a plate...'

He chuckled humourlessly, eyes rolling.

'Of course, she did.' He slid up into a seated position, the computer on his lap. 'But its fine, I actually found something. Something I wanted to show you. It has to do with what you told us earlier.'

With curiosity replacing her earlier state of awkwardness, she moved over, sitting down next to him after placing the plate on his desk.

It was obvious he was avoiding this afternoon's events, and she was more than happy to go along with that, too.

He turned the screen towards her, and her eyes narrowed at the contents.

'An... online article?'

'The Zenith has an online database where they keep every paper ever published from the past twenty-five or so years, available for the public eye,' he explained. 'This one's from eighteen years ago...'

She scanned the title.

Northern City Subway Collapse – Scorp Tech at Fault?

Ryn's eyes widened, glancing at Colt. He merely gestured for her to read on.

Following the devastating incident under the streets of The Lights North, Investigators have traced back the cause for the train malfunction to be the result of a power surge along the cables running parallel to the subway tunnels.

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