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Sorry for waiting so long. I was really busy doing other things and they're really important. Hope you like this :)

"Rinzi!  Hurry up! Vernon is calling me that they're already outside!" My best friend, Ronnie, said from down stairs. I hurriedly placed my ear pod in my gym bag as I went outside my room.

Running down the stairs, "Coming!"

Once I was next to Ronnie, she pinched me in the ear, causing me to hiss in pain. I glared at her.

"What was that for missy?"

"You were the one who said to get ready very early and now you're the one who will make us late."

"I'm sorry, okay? You know I have something in me right?"

She sighed, "I know, sorry. U-"

Knocks on the door were heard that interrupted Ronnie from what she's about to say. We walked towards the front door, opening it afterwards. Suddenly, a body was collided with mine, causing me to fall down to the ground.

I closed my eyes tightly as I wait for the impact to come but I didnt felt anything. Once I opened them, a pair of beautiful brown orbs were staring already.

"OMO LOOK AT OUR LOVELY BIRDS." Seungkwan squealed.

I heard Hoshi said, "Oh how I wish I could be that smooth to my girlfriend." Tracy playfully smacked Hoshi on the chest with blush cheeks, and Hoshi winked at her before pulling her in his arms.

I bit my lip. He licked his lips, looking at my lips before helping me stand up. He intertwined our hands together and gave me a cheeky smile. I hit him on the arm, feeling my heart beating so fast.

"Everyone, get inside the van or else we'll be late in our check-in time!" a voice was heard outside, Joshua.

We all walked out the door together. Me and my boyfriend were the last people who are in the house.

"You looked stunning jagiya." Woozi smirked.

I flipped my hair, "I am always." Then, we laughed at our silly selves.


What a beautiful view I am seeing right now. There are birds flying across the clear ocean, adding a great touch up to the view. I couldn't believe that I went through a lot of conflicts in life and be here, relaxing. Everything that I've been through were worth it.

I'm really thankful that I met Woozi and his members. They're my gaurdian angels throughout ny life because I once gave up on life when I was really stressed with work. They stopped me because they told me that life is not that easy.

I agree with them. That's why I wanted to give back to them. Especially to Woozi, wherein he's always here by my side, here to be my shoulders to cry, and my hero. We've been together for four years, despite the haters.

After day dreaming, I made circle motions on my stomach. A smile crept unto my lips while doing so. I'm really excited.

As I admire it, a pair of arms were snaked around it, and a head was on my shoulder. I leaned towards the chest behind me as I felt minty breath on my neck. It gives me chills down my spine.

"So, did you have fun?"

I turned around and nodded my head. He sighed happily, knowing that his girlfriend is so beautiful when she do the smallest things.


Woozi walked towards my side, not letting go of my hand. He gazed at the beach with a glint of happiness on his face. He turned his gaze to me. He nodded too, "Yeah. Because you're here."

I blushed. Woozi cleared his throat, before facing me fully, and grabbed my other hands. He hold them tightly as if he doesn't want to let go.

He stared at my eyes, "I wanna tell you something."

I chuckled, "Actually, me too but you go first."

He also chuckled and nodded. He took a deep breath before starting to say what he wants to say, "Rinzi, you are my sunshine. You don't know how much you really mean to me. Everytime we are apart from each other because of my career, I always think about you. I felt so burden when you're not here by my side. And thank you for everything that you have done for me. Especially,..."

Suddenly, Woozi was in the urge of crying. I smiled at him because he's really cute. He composed himself as I rubbed his hands in a comforting way.

"E-especially when I didn't know how to treat a girl with my heart. You taught me what is the real meaning of love, and I learned a lot from you. Thank you for accepting for who I am and understanding my position right now."

I could feel tears are about to form on my eyes too. Everything he said struck deep down in my heart as I get emotional real quick.

"I wanted to be with you until our last breath. So, may I have the honor to ask you to be my beautiful wife?"

I widened my eyes, and watched Woozi kneeled on his knee with a red velvet box on his hand. A stunning diamond ring was inside.

"Yes. Y-yes!" I shouted happily, tears were wetting my cheeks. He smiled widely and tears were finally fell down. He stood up as the ring was slipped on my finger. We hugged each other with huge smiles. There were cheers that were heard not so far away.

"So what about you?" Woozi asked, wiping his tears.

I sniffed. "Guys come here!"

Everyone ran towards our way. They have confused faces making me chuckle.

"I'm pregnant."

Woozi widened his eyes and his jaw was dropped. The others have the same reactions. Woozi cried once again, "R-really?" I nodded. "I'l be a father. Guys, I'll bE A FATHER OMO."

He ran around us while screaming to the world that he's going to be dad. The rest of the Seventeen and their girlfriends congratulated me with tears on their eyes and also they're excited that they'll be uncles and aunts of our child.

Woozi kneeled in front of my stomach and placed a gentle kiss. "Hey Kiddo, this is your dad. I can't wait to see and hold you." It caused me to smile very widely.

He stood up as he pulled me in a lovingly kiss. With our foreheads being together, "I love you so much Rinzi. I promise that I'll be here for you and our child."

With that, it gives my life a light of happiness knowing that I will have my own family soon with my favorite soon-to-be husband.

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