Chapter 31-Departure

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I'm still not entirely sure why several officers just happened to be staying at the same hotel as us. It was nice that David and Heinrich watched the kids though.

Too soon, we're back in Wixton again.

I set my suitcase near the front door. "Nick told me there's a dress code. It's black apparently. So if you have those colors, you probably should save them."

"Gross, to think we'll be living under such a rule for eternity..."

We both scream seeing fire magically appear in a small section of the lawn out front.

The creepy faery man, Viktor, our "chauffeur" as Nick put it, has finally arrived. He walks up to Nick's police car and starts talking with him while I dump my luggage in the car.

"What is that thing? His wings are on fire!" Stella whispers.

Jax runs passed me and over to Nick to observe the peculiar stranger. Willow remains by me.

"A faery, one of the gatekeepers of the afterlife if my guess is right. Apparently, Nick and I are supposed to join the club. I'm not sure how I feel about owning a portal though."

Stella's eyes bulge. "P-portal? What drew him to pick you two to watch over one?"

"I don't know to be honest, it may just be his preference to pick me since I arrived and left the realm when I shouldn't have. I guess he and his mate have been watching us for some time up here."


"Yeah, but I'm not getting any good feelings about that. I don't think Nick trusts him any more than I do, but hey, at least we're finally leaving this place."

"Yeah..." Stella murmurs.

Willow hugs my leg tighter seeing Viktor tag along with Nick over to us. "Time to go little vampires," the faery coos while bending down to the kids' eye-level. "I hope you're ready to make some new friends!"

Jax hisses playfully up at him. 

Viktor straightens back up, moving his gaze from the kids to Stella. 

"Are you remaining behind with the others, witch?" he asks. "Or should I call you a vampire?"

"Yes," Stella says quickly. "I don't think it's my time yet."

I can't stop thinking about what Nick said the other day about her. Maybe I'm just a rotten friend at heart for believing him and not giving her the benefit of the doubt. But truthfully, I am glad she's staying in Wixton along with everyone else. 

Going to the afterlife, Hegley Hallow, would be scary for anyone who hasn't died yet. I was there before, but I barely remember anything about it now. 


The drive up the mountain was full of Viktor talking on and on about the growing witch issues in the afterlife. I guess I can never escape them, but after listening to Viktor talk of sending some to hell, I don't think there will be any riots.

I know Nick doesn't like werewolves anymore than Will did, but apparently that's who one of our neighbors will be down there.

"Finally!" Viktor exclaims after slamming the car door shut. "Let's get this show on the road," he adds while giving me a wave.

Nick scowls at his back while holding Willow and Jax.

"Don't need witch magic for this. Stand back," Viktor warns right before using his fire to burn through the heavy doors of the cellar.

The thick metal melts rapidly making me feel nauseous.

I'm expecting some kind of glow or perhaps noise, since the other realm is supposedly just on the other side.

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