Victory at Christopsis

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Christopsis No POV

The Triclop Droids started firing the Kenobi and Zane jumped out of their hiding spot.

Droid: Jedi!

Kenobi and Zane started slashing at the Droids once they landed in the middle of the battle Droids, the Clones arrived on tow cables while shooting some Droids on the way down, when they landed they all started shouting but had to back up since they were outnumbered.

Rex: where are the General and the Commander?

Clone: I don't know, sir!

The Clones kept backing up while shooting since the Droids were walking closer and closer.

Rex: Fall Back!

Meanwhile, Anakin and Ahsoka kept crawling under the box top.

Ahsoka: I think we made it past all of them, Master. We may pull this off yet.

Anakin; we still have a ways to go before we get to the generator station.

Ahsoka: do we still need this thing? I can't take it anymore. I have to stand up.

They both got up but fast crouch under the box over their heads.

Anakin: you have got to be careful! You never know what you're gonna run into.

Anakin bumped into something that made him and Ahsoka fall, they bumped into a Droideka.

Anakin: see what I mean?

The Droideka started firing and both of them took out their lightsabers and started deflecting the shots but none of them were able to harm the energy shield around the Droid.

Ahsoka: we can't beat its shield.

Anakin: Run!

Ahsoka: what? Jedi don't run!

Anakin; I said, run!

Ahsoka and Anakin run then the Droideka deactivates his shield and rolls into a ball chasing after them.

Anakin: Ahsoka, stop!

Ahsoka: make up your mind!

Anakin: I said, stop!

Ahsoka stopped and slashed the Droid in two and Anakin slashed it again making three pieces explode.

Anakin: good. You take direction well.

With Kenobi

Kenobi cut the arms of a Super Battle Droid freeing a Clone Trooper then he used Force push to send the Droid to another, another Super Battle Droid was about to shot Kenobi but then Zane cut it in two.

Rex:<runs over to them> they're right behind us, sir! They wiped out most of my unit. We had to pull out of there.

An explosion happened and they took cover.

Kenobi: the shield has almost reached the heavy cannons.

Rex: we're no gonna be able to stop them, sir.

Kenobi: move your troops back to the heavy cannons. Do everything you can to protect them. I'll delay the Droids. Zane go with Captain Rex.

Zane: Master...

Kenobi: trust me, my young Padawan!

Kenobi slashed another Droid in half and the Troops and Zane went back to the Heavy Cannons. Kenobi slashed two more Droids before he gets encountered by several Super Battle Droids and one Tank. Anakin and Ahsoka were near the shield generator.

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