chapter 1 [a]

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'Jisoo,  listen to what I'm gonna say- Go away from here and don't ever coming back.'

"I don't want!  They're dangerous people oppa! You should run away from here!  I can take care of them and I need you go away from here,  oppa!"

'Kim Jisoo!  You know I love you right?  More than anyone in this world.  I am your brother and I should protect you. I don't want they hurting my precious sister.  Go away from here,  Jisoo-ah"

'I don't want!'


"NO!" The little girl awaken from her nightmare and she tried to control her breath.  She rubbed her face and escaping her little sigh. That nightmare always playing in her little head and she keep receive her memory from the past. She look around her with her hooded eyes.  Until when she keep staying at this orphanage house?

In this orphanage house, she's grew up but her mind still stuck in her aged 18 years old.  She remember anything including who she was at her previous life. At 18 years old,  that's the last age before she was killed.

There's a question keep playing in her head.  How was his brother?  7 years already passed and she didn't know how about the world right now before she receive her memory. 

Her name before this was Kim Jisoo.  She had a happy life before all of her happiness was snatched away in front of her in sudden.  The fatal mistake coming from their parents making their life miserable like this.

She knew she had to do something because all of her night must reminisce all of memories about her brother.

Kim Seokjin. 

That's her brother name. Her beloved brother. She's crying because she always missing her brother. What about her parents?  Just consider her brother playing a role as her parents and brother at once.  So, she never thinking about her parents who dumped them.

But, her brother is still alive?  She's not sure even though she really wanna know. 
In the morning at 'Hope and Love' orphanage house, all of them making chaos by running around and some of them waiting in the line to receive a breakfast.

Yoo Ryujin looking at them bored and she skillfully dodge when they running around and hit her small body.  She never snapped or scold them because they just hyperactive kids.

Ryujin is quite girl and never make any trouble.  The guardian at that orphanage house say they like taking care of her more than any kids.  Yeah,  Ryujin is just an adult trapped in small body. 

"Ryujin-ah!" Someone calling her and she was given a plate of pancake afterwards.  She muttered thanks and goes to her place. 

"Aigoo- you're too young to acted like matured girl, Ryujin-ah" she teased her.  She's the one taking care of Ryujin since she was a baby.  Everyone calling her Inha-sshi. 

Ryujin ignored her and continue eating her breakfast in peace.  Inha sit in front of her after she finished giving out food to all of them. Inha enjoyed her breakfast while reading newspaper.

"Woahh- daebak" Inha almost spitting out her coffee when she spot exclusive news.  "Eonnie knew Bangtan?" Inha asking the other guardian.  Ryujin stopped chews her food when Inha mentioned the name she hate the most. 

"Oh,  the handsome Bangtan director?  The one with the dimple?" Inha nodding her head excitedly when Teoh ahjumma asked.   "Of course I know him,  Kim Namjoon right?"

Ryujin gritting her teeth and holding her chopstick until it almost split onto two. That name- she hate the most and until she die again,  she'll never forget what he's ever done. 

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