Love Triangle ~ Weasley twins

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I wrote this and the other author on my joint account edited so don't mind if the a/n at the end is plural ok? And with the chapters I wrote, I went over and edited

5th grade and you are an AMAZING prankster

Hi, I'm y/n, I'm an animagus and I'm a part of the trickster trio along with Forge and Gred

We are planning to prank Seamus Finnegan with some good old slime, glue and glitter bombs, frogspawn soap and fanged frisbees

So here's how the plans going to go I will break up the frog spawn soap and hide in the hidden passageway behind the one eye witch getting ready to perform Aguamenti, Fred sets up the slime bucket, glue and glitter bombs and George puts the extremely agitated fanged frisbees in a weird cage thing.

Once I see Seamus I do a wordless Aguamenti on the frogspawn soap and while he jumps back scared Fred and George do their bits and we ended up pranking Seamus and most of the other students that followed Seamus' screams and we three were trying to hold in our laughter until everyone had left the crime scene.

And that's when us three burst out laughing till we were on the floor, tears coming out of our eyes and most of our bodies sore. We help each other up and head to the ROR to continue our pranking plans for the rest of the term.

*skip to Christmas holidays/break*

I was in Hermione's room crying my eyes out with Ginny, Molly, Tonks and Hermione trying to comfort me, they wanted me to explain what was happening but I couldn't even breath that's how hard I was crying. Once I was sorta calm, I explained how I was in a love triangle with Fred and George and how that they were fighting over me and how they wanted me to only choose one of them and I burst out crying again.

I told them I would go for a run, after I was out of the castle I changed into my animagus which is a white tiger and just ran as hard and fast as I could to the furthest and darkest part of the forbidden forest which is where I'd like to relax and all that jazz.

After about an hour and a half later I hear rustles around me so I get up and climb up a tree but not to high cause you want to see who is but not too low so whoever it is can see me. As soon as they emerge I carefully and quietly climb higher to the top of the tree and bring out my wand and spray saltwater over the trees to make it out like it's raining and accioed my broom so I can get to Hermione's room quicker.

And to be honest, I'm still scared of what will happen...

*back at Hogwarts*

I am trying to avoid the twins but I have a conclusion to what I wanna do...



When I arrive behind Hagrid's hut I see that the twins are already there waiting to see who I would choose. I felt bad for George but I like Fred there was always that more than a friend connection between us. I can't believe that I'm doing this but better out than in..... right? I take a deep breath to be calmer and walk up to them and it looks like they are just as nervous as me.

As soon as they heard/saw me coming, they turned around and kept balancing their weight on their feet, a common habit between them.

I'm sorry but I only like one of you I hope you forgive me...

It's ok y/n

I agree with Freddie

I'm sorry George I really am, believe me

It's fine I guess

I don't wanna lose you, Georgie,

You won't lose me I promise that I just need some time process this ok

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