An Odd Escalation

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May 2019

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May 2019

Mey's current age: 5

I honestly thought everything was done and over with. Before I tell this story there is something I feel needs to be told about Mey's classroom.

Mey is in Kindergarten. All the Kindergarten classrooms have their own bathroom inside the classroom. It is a private bathroom in the corner of the classroom so the Kindergarteners don't have to leave the classroom to go the bathroom with the rest of the school. The bathroom is for one student at a time.

I feel this is important to the story, that's why I'm mentioning it now.

Mey has had a bully for quite a few months at school. My husband and I have talked to the teacher about it and the teacher has clamied there is only "so much she can do."
For the sake of anonymity, I will refer to this child as AYE. Aye does things to Mey like makes teasing nosies at her, she pushes mey down, she takes her things when Mey asks her not to, and pretty much, just bothers Mey.

Not much as been done other than separating the two girls while in class. I have asked to meet with the parents to see if we could settle this but they have refused.

The other day I was called and asked by Mey's teacher if I was willing to meet with Aye's parents because THEY wanted a meeting now.

Thinking that they finally want to discuss the problem, I jumped at the chance and we set up a meeting during my husband's lunch break that same day.

The SECOND we walked into the conference with Aye's parents, Mey's teacher and the principal, Aye's mother began shouting.

She said that Mey "set a demon on her daughter" and now her daughter is being tormented by it. Now, I do not think this is what she and her husband had discussed with the principal and the teacher because they both looked at her like she was crazy.

Once Aye's mother was calmed down, we were told about the current incident. Mey's teacher said that Aye goes into the bathroom, turns off the lights, then runs out screaming that "Mey and her friend did it."

Now, remember how I explained about the bathroom earlier. Only one student is allowed inside. So when Aye pulled this stunt, everyone could see Mey sitting at her desk no where near the bathroom.

Aye's mom had a different story. She claimed Mey is at fault here and put a demon on her daughter. (She was outright accusing Mey of all of this.)
She even went as far to say that Mey needs psychiatric help and shouldn't be allowed at the school.

That pissed off my husband.
He retored with "if anyone needs psychiatric help, it's the student claiming that monsters are turning off lights and then blaming children half way across the room"

This was all in favor of Mey. The end result was that because school ends in a few weeks, the two girls will be constantly separated even outside of the classroom.

I stayed quiet through all of this. My husband was livid enough for both of us and I was just thinking.
Before we left, I got to see Mey. My husband was in a hurry so I was only able to pull her aside for a few seconds.

I asked her to tell me if anything strange was happening to Aye. She didn't seem to want to tell me at first but I asked again, insisting she wouldn't get into trouble.

All she told me was. "It's Ryan, from home."

I wanted to question her more but as you know, my husband doesn't believe any of this and he also needed to get back to work.

We went on our way and I began thinking, could Ryan be Lion? The friend she had before that upset her and I told her she wasn't allowed to play with anymore?

Or could it all be coincidence and Mey is just making things up to protect Aye? Bully or not, Mey does try to be friends with Aye.

When she got home from school I did ask her questions about "Ryan".

But Mey is 5 and doesn't always make sense. She said "Ryan is my friend and my brother but not my brother and he had a cat who I can't touch cause I'm allergic. Sometimes the cat sleeps on my bed and Ryan sleeps on the other bed."

That was ALL I got out of her before she told me she didn't want to talk about Ryan anymore.

But I did ask if Ryan hurts her and she says "No he can't hurt me. He's not real."

I don't know what any of this means. Is Ryan Lion? Is he imaginary or not? Is Aye telling the truth at school or is she a bully just trying to get Mey into more trouble?

I honestly don't know what to do anymore.

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