She Dies

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In this loneliness is where deeper I feel your closeness.

I'm willing to touch your soul as I once did.

But that feeling in the past remained, life took care to get you away from me and you let go of that eternal love that once we swore we would never leave.

You saw me in the eyes that looked back at you with the feeling that surpassed lust and its madding desire, just to be reciprocated with a cold and dark reflection of your gaze.

In this solitude I feel your caresses that once your hands roamed through my body.

Where your fingers took my face while you swore eternal love. In the past that feeling stayed behind, making our reunion an ordinary day, lifeless, without feelings, without love.

The last thing left in me is anger and spite.
Making my heart stop one more time and release the tear it never wanted to feel.

In the mirror I see a woman, brave, strong, beautiful, and loving. But inside, she knows she can't be deceived.

Inside, her body dies slowly.

Dies for lack of comprehension and abuse of confidence.

In it a woman dies who once could give everything.

She dies what she could be.

In it dies her ability to love and feel.

She dies.

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