Reporting Part 50

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Rene's POV...

I waited until after both the babies and I were cleaned up before thinking about making any calls to anyone. It was still very early and not even daylight yet. But looking out the window, I don't think it will be much longer.

One of the fireman who had come out to help clear the road had driven my truck back into town and left the keys with Andrew who had driven to his place and changed into something warmer to wear since his uniform was ruined.

The super, as he called his boss, said that he could have the day off since he had already pulled in and served the community in a far excelling way. All without sleeping. So, he was entitled to some time off.

When he came back to the hospital, he was ushered right in as if he was the father of the twins and not just the cop who delivered them. And from the way he didn't deny it, I guess he was expecting to be included in my life and thus theirs as well after this.

I didn't say no. Which surprised me, a lot.

I have been thinking long and hard after Andrew made that promise back in the truck before I had the babies. I then thought of a lot of other things that I noticed about him since I came back from Kerrville. or more like, when he first came knocking on my door that night with Mayor Taylor and his obnoxious wife.

I began to notice that I would always see Andrew around town every now and again and he would always stop and say hello. I never realized how or what he might have been thinking. Especially after it became obvious that there was another man involved in my life. But he didn't intrude or force his presence on me at all.

It was like he was waiting for the right moment in time to let me know of his attentions. Well, he found the right time which I seemed to have handed to him on a platter so to speak while laying on my back with my knees spread and his crouching between about to help me deliver my babies.

Daylight was up and everything was nice and quiet. I had been dozing for a while with the babies down int he nursery for a while since they are still premi babies born a few weeks early. So, I was taking this opportunity to have a nap.

It must have been a good one when I opened my eyes. The sun was up a little higher and there was movement happening up and down the hall outside my private room. I pushed myself up and pushed my hair out of my face while yawning feeling hungry for the first time in hours.

" Good. You're awake. How do you feel?" I was suddenly asked by a nurse who had poked her head in through my door and then stepped in when she saw that I was awake.

" Good. But sore as is expected after giving birth." I smiled at her as I pulled myself up further.

I wanted to have a pee and I threw the blankets back off me and went to swing my legs out from under the blankets.

" Let me help you." She said, which she did. I stood up and my legs felt like jelly. The wobbled and I laughed with her. Then gravity took hold and something else began to happen. I am so glad that I am padded up or I would be a running puddle.

" I don't remember them feeling like this years ago when the boys were born." I said to her on my way back to bed.

" You are news by the way. You and Officer Dean made the local news as well as the state news on the morning television. Officer Dean already gave a statement and so did the emergency crew that attended. We had it taped so you can see it later when you are up to it." She said to me which startled and surprised me to know that I was on some news station.

She brought the recording down and shoved it into the player behind the television and a moment later, I was watching Andrew standing there with the hospital lights behind him. It was still dark outside when he did this. he was also still standing in his wet clothes as well, I noticed. So, it must have happened not too long after he left the first time after I was brought in.

" Yes, my grandmother wanted to visit with Ms Bushell's grandparents and when the storm started to roll in, Doreene decided that we were going to be spending the night since it looked a bit rough out there." he started to say to the reporter.

" When was it decided that you would then come into town?" The lady reporter asked him.

" About midnight, I came out of the room I was using after hearing noises and found Doreene in the process of taking herself and her bag down stairs to the truck to drive herself to the hospital. I noticed that the contractions had come something fierce and were getting closer, so I dressed right quickly and after driving rather carefully, we managed to make it to the road. Unfortunately, a tree came down and we were unable to proceed any further. " I noticed he looked rather calm the whole way through the interview.

"So, it was a moments decision after making a call for more help that I got Doreene  to deliver her babies in the back seat of her truck. Not long after that, emergency services arrived and after making sure that everyone was fine and the tree cut enough for us all to pass through safely, we were all transported here to the hospital." He said rather proudly. And so he should.

" Do we know anything more about the babies?" He was also asked. I thought that this would be good.

" Both babies weighed in around five pounds each and both are girls." He said with again. he didn't say anything more and deferred any further questions to the staff of the hospital before he went off.

Five pound each. That's quite a lot to carry around.

Anyway, after he left, I would assume that was when he went to see both of our grandparents and report to them all that had happened while they were asleep. It was after they all came for a visit that they told me that they were all sitting around the table in the kitchen when Andrew walked in. They thought he was still upstairs asleep like I had been. Or so they thought.

Then he pulled out his phone and showed them some pictures he took with his camera on his new phone.

" Their names are Laura and Andrea. Born at two thirty three and two forty five this morning. Both weigh about five pounds each." He said with a grin. A really proud grin, my gran said later on. Then he had to explain what happened after everyone went to bed. They had taken out their hearing aids and didn't hear the commotion with the storm or me and him leaving in the truck.

But after eight thirty that morning, he was pulling up again with the grandparents at the hospital ready to see the new additions to the family. I had just gotten off the phone to the boys after calling them at breakfast to let them know. But they had just seen the news report on the television and was about to call the hospital in a panic.

Within an hour, I had all my family, along with a proud Andrew, looking around at the new additions of our family.

" It was about time you noticed Andrew has been courting you somewhat." Gran said with a grunt from Pa.

I looked up at an embarrassed Andrew who was very pink in the face and he stood there looking around at us all. Even the boys were now noticing him and how he was standing somewhat closer to me than was normal.

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