An Unexpected Trip Part 48

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10th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

Pain. The last five minutes have been a little bit painful as I stripped my bed off.

I even leaned forward with both hands on the side of my bed and groaned as quietly as I could so I didn't disturb the others just yet. I didn't want to get down just yet. I might not get back up again if I did. So, I stayed on my feet and walked around the room doing this I knew I would have to before leaving.

I got my bag for the hospital and carried it over to the door and left it there after making sure that everything I needed would be inside.

My handbag was downstairs with my keys. I already called the doctor with my phone and told him that I was in labor with how far the pains are and for how long they lasted for. Of course I didn't get the doctor. I got his answering service who would pass on my message. At least I hope she passed the damn message on to the doctor. 

I will not be very happy if she doesn't.

I didn't wait much longer after the next pain came. The moment I felt it easing, I was out the door carrying my bag as I stumbled through the hall with the small torch I have for power outages that happen.

" What are you doing?" A deep voice asked in the dark which frightened me.

" Shit. Don't scare me like that." I growled at him after I dropped my bag and clutched at my heart with my hand over my chest.

He was standing there with his hand up shielding his face from the torch I aimed up into his face when I swung around when he startled me.

" What are you.." I growled and bent over clutching against the wall ignoring him when the next pain came along. I gasped before breathing in and out slowly as that book taught. In the nose and out the mouth.

Slow even breathes in the nose and out the mouth. Just focus on the breathing in and out... in and out... wincing when the pain got a bit tense on it at one moment.

" How far apart are they?" I heard him ask me when he saw me slowly blow out the last breath and straighten up.

" Four or five minutes apart." I said to him as I leaned my head very tiredly against the wall hearing him speak as he stood right beside me.

" That pain lasted just over a minute. You should already be at the hospital by now." he said to me which only had me open my eyes, straighten up and turn to look up at him.

He was not as tall as either Doug or Oliver. He was only a few inches taller than I was. I can see his silverish eyes looking at me with the glow of the torch.

" I was heading out to take myself down there until you frightened me." I whispered to him a little angrily. I didn't want to wake up the older ones downstairs if I could help it.

" Then hang on a minute. let me get my boots on and i will be back with you." I heard him say and I watched as he turned to go back into Xavier's room. He had to get more than his boots, I noticed. The man was wearing just his boxers and nothing else.

He was back a minute later with his boots in his hands and his clothes barely on. His shirt was not even done up. He reached down and grabbed my bag before tucking it under his arm and grabbing my elbow and gently guiding e down the stairs where I had to stop at the bottom to allow the latest pain to pass before moving out to the back of the house to his car .

" My car is better suited to get me comfortably into town." I said to him and without a hesitation, he started walking me to my truck where he opened the front passenger door and helped me up where I clenched my teeth as another pain started.

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