Not Surprisingly Part 47

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10th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I haven't heard or seen anything of Doug for a few days now. Thank goodness. He always seems to bring drama into my life lately. Which it not really surprising since he has always been like that with me.

He stayed out in the other main lounge room for nearly an hour and waited for the boys to come home and spoke to them about.. whatever it was he spoke to them about. But I gathered from the twins reactions that they might be willing to make some kind of relationship with their father. Since he is their father after all. 

And, from what the boys said to their Pa, Doug is going to have to work really hard for it by the sounds of it.

Doug also told them about the baby that he and Sybil were having with the help of their aunt, Darlene. So, with the baby I was having, the twins were going to be the older siblings of another couple of kids in the next few months. Or in weeks in my case.

Of Oliver, I heard nothing. So, whether Doug went back and told him about telling me the truth of the baby situation they were in, I don't know and I don't care. Oliver has made his feeling very clear with both his absence and his contact. His, not his family.

If there was one thing that I did learn, it was that Randi had gone to visit her other grandparents who live over in Indiana and was not going to come home back any time soon. I watched Xavier after hearing that and he was so very quiet for the longest time. But then he came out of his slump of depression, for want of a better word, and started to get out and about again.

Randi's name was not mentioned again for some time. I don't know if either she or my brother ever got in touch with each other during all this time and sorted their relationship out. But I hope they did. I know how it hurts when young love is involved and other people interfere in it causing hurt on both sides.

Anyway, Mrs Dean was out at our place having lunch with my grandparents and the boys were up in Denver seeing about courses they had been called in to discuss. So they were going to spend a couple of days up there sorting all that out.

It was Andrew who brought his grandmother out for lunch on his day off. The house was getting a thorough clean while they were here with us. I had been looking out the kitchen windows to see some cloud rolling in over the mountains that didn't look good. They were big, black and rolling a little too fast for my liking.

" I don't think that you will be going home tonight. It looks like a storm coming in." I said as I sat  a pot of tea down on the table while Andrew carried a tray with the milk, sugar and cups.

I went back to get the platter with some pastries and cakes I had Andrew pick up on  his way up to us. I was finding his company rather pleasant. He was certainly attentive to his grandmother which is always a plus in my books. He was also attentive to my grandparents as well.

From what Mrs Dean said on one of our visits, she knows that Andrew misses his grandfather after the two older people raised him after his parents had died in an accident when he was three. So, he grew up being very close to his grandparents which I can fully understand since my situation is only a bit similar.

Anyway, we made up a spare bed downstairs for Mrs Dean who would have found it a bit hard getting up and down the stairs during the night. Andrew was going to use Xavier's bedroom as the boys were not coming home tonight. They had already called in to let me know what they have been up to. So, I was not worried about them.

The only thing I was worried about was this damn back ache I had been feeling all afternoon. It didn't matter what I did. Nothing eased it. I even went and had a hot shower to help ease the muscles. But no, that didn't help either. Since I was getting closer and closer to the due date which was weeks away, I knew that my body was just getting itself ready to deliver the baby when the time came.

Although, I do wish sometimes that it was over with since the aches have gotten harder now that I am older. Or maybe they were always hard and I just forgot how much since the boys births were many years ago. But I am tired, sore and cranky and I need a nap. So, I bade the others a good night and took myself off to bed.

Andrew, being the gentleman he always is, helped me up the stairs and to my room making sure I would be fine before he turned away and left to go back down to the older ones.

Sometimes, when  look at him, he is like an old person in a young body. Well, a body that was about my age I think. He just acts old I suppose since most of his life was growing up around only old people. Which I also can understand as well.

Anyway, I had curled up on my side when the first crack of thunder sounded that was loud enough to wake me up. Sort of propping myself up on an elbow, I looked around the room to see what on earth woke me up and then saw the flash of lightning stream through the window before another crack of thunder sounded with enough force to cause the windows to rattle.

I let out a bit of a cry at the same time. Not because of the thunder with the storm beginning to rage outside. But because I felt the sudden pop accompanied with a horrible pain  that ripped right through my lower stomach. 

" Ohhh." I moaned as I curled around my stomach feeling moisture gather on the sheets beneath me. Knowing what this means, I panted as I remembered to do through the next pain which came less than five minutes after realizing my waters had broke.

The moment the pain eased, I threw the blankets off me and pushed myself up onto my butt, or more like my side cheek since I was having trouble sitting up straight. I then grabbed my cupboard beside the bed and pulled myself up and the moment I was on my feet, I was into the robe and grabbing some fresh nightwear and some padding along with some of those disposable undies I found just for this purpose.

I managed to get my sodden clothes off and the shower running by the time another pain was coming. I stood there with my teeth gritting each other and panted through another pain that only lasted half a minute. Which I assumed was not very long. But it has been years and I do think I remembered that you get to the hospital when the pains are closer together and last at least a minute.

I am even sure that some of those books I have read up on lately had said the same thing.

I was washing myself off when the lights flickers and went off. Since the shower is also run on power, it too went out. At least I rinsed all the soap off. With the lightning, I was able to see where the towels were and quickly got one and wrapped one around my hair and the other one, I quickly dried myself off with it.

The pains still only lasted half a minute and had not increased any so I was not really that worried. babies usually take hours and hours to come anyway. It did when I had the twins. Eighteen hours after my waters broke. That was when Jasper had finally made his appearance into the world screaming his head off like his brother did.

I was in the middle of dragging my wet sheets off my bed when I felt the next pain coming on which fairly took my breath away with his being just a bit harder. It also lasted a little longer than half a minute. If I didn't know any better, I would think that the contractions were about five or six minutes apart and were now nearly lasting a minute. 

That was when I should be getting myself to the hospital.


Now, what the hell am I going to do now?

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