Chapter 21

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Fierzza's POV

Ahh.. I could smell the fresh air of Wellston.. Wait, that sounds weird.

Well, what I mean is that the group arrived safely to Wellston! Yeah that's it!

Wellston's Campus

None of us said a word which I found to be disturbing, so I, well, stupidly say, "Hey guys wanna come to-"

"No." Everyone says except John and me and I crossed my arms. "Is this about EMBER?"

"Well what do you think?" Isen says and I stare at him coldly, making him step back. "I'm done with this EMBER thing.." Blyke murmurs.

"Then get out." Remi says coldly at the red hair and he flinches before running away. Jeez, I never knew Remi had this personality!

Sera sighs. "I don't think I can do this. I'm sorry guys." And I nod, understandably.

If this is how it's going to be, I'll have to bring some extra stuff..

Sera then leaves, most likely heading for her dorm, while me, Remi, Isen, and The Shadow King gather in thought.

Remi has a thinking face on, and so does Isen before he shakes his head. "I can't do this either. I can't be fighting danger all the time, sorry."

"What do you mean fighting danger!? I seriously ca-" Remi yells at Isen and I put my hand on her shoulder, "Relax Remi."

"How should I relax if EMBER is seriously attacking us!? How Fierzza!? Especially if we lost our members!" She says coldly before saying the last sentences and looking at Isen.

I was stunned at the venom and coldness in her voice, this- She needs to calm down!

"Remi please just calm down!" I sat loudly to get her to calm down, which she slowly does. "I hope you have a plan." She says staring me in the eye before walking away.

"U-uh, see you Fierzza..?" Isen says before running away, and I clench my teeth. If I had a damn plan, none of this would have happened.

"Come on Shadow King. Home." I say to John, and he nods. We walked back in utter silence, most likely by our members, EMBER, or Remi 2.0. Or all of them.


I open the door and we walked in. John tossed his mask on the couch and I went to the fridge to get some cold water.

I grabbed the freezing water and sat on the couch next to John who was watching the news about EMBER's new strike.

"Alright John, I have a idea." I say to the boy on the couch and he stares at me with a blank look.

"What?" Was John's reply and I smiled at the raven haired boy. "So, let's disguise ourselves! I actually got stuff to do that. Come on Johnny!"

I sprinted to my room and John followed. I opened the door and searched for my collections of eye contacts, hats, beards, wigs, and many other stuff.

I found what I was looking for! Yellow-orangish eye contacts that look like John's eyes, and carefully inserted the contacts into my eyes.

I could hear footsteps coming towards my room so I turned towards the doorways with a smirk. "Yo John, look here!"

John looks at me with a blank expression before coming towards me and raising his hand. "Hmm? What is it Joh-"


"Ow! That hurts!" I yell at John and he just smirks at me in the most irritating way. "Haha."

"Seriously! What was that for!?" I almost screamed at my brother and he stares at me. "You kinda look like me. Stop copying."


"That's it. Prepare for another sla-" John says and raises his hand. "Nope." I reply and slapped his face.

"What was that for!?" John says, and I smiled at the boy. "You mocked my eye contacts. And, you tried to slap me."

"Oh well, see you later John!" I say to the raven hair and I walk out of my room, grabbing my keys along the way.

"Wait, where are you going?" John asks confused and I flash a smirk, before opening the front door. "I'm going to dye my hair just like yours!"

"What!?" John yells and I went outside, whistling along the way and closing the door. "Hey get your a** back over here Fierzza!!"

"Nope! Never!"

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