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Sophia's POV
I stay in the bathroom with my back against the wall for awhile. I run my hand through my hair and finally get up. I look in the mirror and wash my face. I let out a big sigh as I walk out. I felt the link towards my wolf weaken as she disappeared somewhere in my mind. I walk down the hall knowing Titus was no where near. His scent was in the house but it wasn't fresh.  I look down at my shirt and it was wet from all my crying. It kept replaying in my head.

"He didn't want me"

"He never wanted me"

"He should have left me to die"

I had to do everything in my power to not start crying again. I take the orange juice out of the fridge and pour myself a glass. I decided I'm going to drown my sorrows in juice. I continue to drink my juice but then an unfamiliar scent filled the house.

I immediately freeze and get up. I find the closest object I could find and it was a dirty frying pan from this mornings breakfast. I hide under the counter and see a buff guy walk into the kitchen. He was fairly tall and had dirty blonde hair with green eyes. I mentally groan because there was no way I could beat him in a fight. He looked like he was a skill much higher than mine. I waited till he was a few feet in front of where I was hiding then I let out a growl.

It came out softer than I liked it too but my wolf was currently M.I.A. I lifted the frying pan and swung. I looked up and saw that he moved out of the way. I started to swing again but then he lowered his head in submission.

"Luna," he said, "Alpha Titus scent me to check up on you."

I grumble a few cuss words and lay the frying pan down. Of course he would send someone to make sure I'm okay. It's not like I'm not capable of  protecting myself.

"What's your name?" I ask walking back to my juice. I let the last sip roll down the glass and onto my mouth. I pour myself some more and sit down.

"My name is Nikolai, Luna," he says politely. I nod and he continues to stand in his original position.

"You can call me Sophia if you'd like. I'm not really use to the fact I'm Luna," I explain to him. He shakes his head.

"I've been instructed to only call you by your position," he tells me. I sigh. Of course he would do that.

"How about this you can call me Sophia whenever he's not around and it'll be our secret," I offer.

"Alright Sophia," he nods. I give him a soft smile and finish another cup of juice.

"Do you know where Titus is?" I ask him. He nods and runs his fingers through his hair.

"He's in his office. I recommend not going near him his office is his punching bag right now," he explains. I nod and get up. Of course he was angry with himself. I know he didn't mean it but something at the back of my head tells me that he did mean it.

"Nikolai? Were you instructed to be my guard for the day?" I ask him. I didn't want someone following me the whole day.

"Yes Sophia Titus told me to make sure you didn't get into any trouble with the pack members," he says.

"That fucker," I mumble. I wasn't even planning to leave my room today. My family is here and I can't even see them without being watched.

"Am I allowed to leave this house?"

"Yes but I have to come with you," he says. I let out a groan and walk to my room. I keep a close eye on him and he stands in front of my room door. I silently thanked the moon god that he wasn't coming into my room.

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