| Chapter Eighteen | The Shivoan Palace

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Everything was happening too fast around him, Jordan has been dragging him around through almost all of this, his hands trembling as he held his sword. He didn't know what to do with himself. He looked at Jordan, about to say something when something struck his back, making him fly forward and hit the ground.

"Sky!" Jordan shouted. Sky groaned, pain manifesting from his back, but nothing as bad as he thought it would be. He pushed himself to his hands and knees, he looked over at Jordan, he was about to say he was fine but saw that Jordan was getting pinned down, getting teamed up on. His eyes widen when he saw a spell thrown at him, feeling something snap in him, his body moving before his mind could process what he was doing. But Jordan felt a hand grab him, pushing him to the ground, and when he looked to see what happened, Sky was stood over him dual wielding swords, mages dead around them. Jordan pushed himself to sit up, staring at Sky, shocked. Sky flinched, tensing as the swords dropped from his hands and hit the ground, he looked around, seeing the dead bodies and their blood staining his clothes and skin. Jordan stood up.

"Thanks," Jordan said. Sky touched his head, feeling dizzy as he felt all of his energy he once had drained from him. "What's wrong?" Sky's vision blurring as he stumbled backward into Jordan, Jordan grabbing him. "Sky, Sky!"

"General! A lot of mages went through the portal! They are in the palace!" Quentin said running over to them as Jordan fell backward, holding Sky. Sky panted heavily. Quentin looked at Sky, touching his head. "Sky, what's wrong?" Jordan looked at Quentin, seeing that they cleared the mages in the Nether, but a lot of them went through the portal.

"Stay with him! Ian! You're protecting those two! I'm going through the portal, stay here, I'll come back for you three. Look after him, Quentin!" Jordan said as he stood up and went to the portal. He jumped through it, feeling the familiar stomach drop feeling and the ground disappearing from under his feet and landing in a room, the portal room. He immediately took cover as cannons peppered the walls. He looked around, picking up a sword, looking at it and seeing a name on it. He gripped the handle. 'Rob, why is your sword here, you better not have been captured.' He thought. He pulled out his sword from his sheath, gripping both before he ran out of the room, he glanced outside, seeing the devastation. 'I didn't know it was this bad.' Jordan thought.

He ran down the hallway, getting clear of the cannon fire. He looked around, half the palace was destroyed, the kingdom probably was as well, but he glossed over those facts, for now, wanting to find either the King or the rest of the dark mages. And once he hears a crash and saw a figure go flying at the end of the hallway, he knew he found them. He sprinted, slashing down two mages as he did, but his swords were locked with another's. He was gonna pushed against them, but he froze, staring at them. Their hood was up, covering their face but he recognized their clothing. They pulled their sword away, slitting a mage across the stomach and slashing upwards, cutting their throat.

"You gonna stand there forever, Jordan, or are you gonna help me?!" They shouted. Jordan shook his head, getting him out of his trance and helped the person kill the rest of the mages around them. Once they were dead, Jordan put his sword across their throat, pushing them against the wall as his fist gripped their shirt.

"What the nether are you doing here?!"


"What does it look like out there, Lachlan?" King Mitch asked.

"Rob took down three ships before he was being chased by dark mages and I'm assuming Master Harvey got him out of there. There are seven more left, three of which are firing on the castle. They are only shooting when they can see it, they don't fire through the fog." Lachlan explained. Lachlan rested his hand on his sword handle, explaining more. They were by the docks, but inside one of the damaged buildings, guards at every entrance and Jerome standing beside Mitch.

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