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"Clementine!" I hear my name being shouted repeatedly behind me. I turn around and Aaron running after me. I smile at him when he reaches me, breathless. It did have to run pretty far considering I'm already half way across the school parking lot.

"Hey, Aaron. What's up?" I ask him, crossing my arms while I wait for him to calm down. His glasses were sliding down his nose and his usual clean, straight haired look was disheveled. He was wearing a sweater and jeans with oddly neat sneakers.

"There's this party this Saturday. I was wondering if you'd like to go?" He asks me, he was stuttering a little. We've talked a few times since he got here three weeks ago. But it's not like we're best friends.

"Sure, can I bring my friends?" I ask him, tucking a strand of loose hair behind my ear.

"Uh, sure. I'll pick you up at nine?"

"I can just meet you there." I tell him quickly, looking at the time. I'm late for my shift at Joe's. I tell him goodbye soon after and rush off to my car. Luckily, I had an extra work shirt in the back of my car. Whether or not it's clean is the real mystery though. I sniff it and decide it's clean enough. I change in the parking lot, luckily a lot of people have already left. I spritz some perfume on me and head off to work.

- - -

"Fuck!" I cough, pressing my hand against my chest. I pass the joint to Jill, I don't have a high tolerance for weed. I don't smoke or drink much. It usually just makes me depressed or tired. I look at the clock and it's around eleven-thirty. I got off work half an hour ago and my friends met me in the parking lot to smoke and catch up.

"Aaron invited me to a party Saturday." I announce to my friends after coughing a few more times. Jill doesn't answer because she's smoking and Dana just nods, she was laying in the back seat with her eyes closed.

"Sounds fun. Who's going?" Jill asks me, passing the joint to Dana.

"Me, you, Dana, Peter, and Zara?"

"Okay, I'll ask Pete. It kind of seems like Aaron is into you." Jill tells me, leaning against the door, her head resting on the window.

"No, we're just friends. I'm not interested in him like that. Plus, boys don't like me." I take the joint from Dana and take a drag. Jill scoffs at me and rolls her eyes.

"You don't give yourself enough credit, you're amazing. Any guy would be lucky to date you." I cough a little before responding.

"I don't know if you know this Jill but I fucking hate myself." My eyebrows are raised and Jill takes the joint from me.

"We think you're amazing." Dana mumbles from the back, rolling over. She's about to be knocked the fuck out in a minute. Thankfully Jill is going to take her home.

"I don't wanna get deep tonight. Work and school were too stressful today for me to start crying too." I tell them and they reluctantly change the subject to some test they had in their math class.

It's around one am when I finally get home, my friends texted me ten minutes ago that they got home. I go inside quietly as to not wake my mom. I make sure to lock the door behind me before kicking off my shoes. I throw my bookbag on my bed once I'm inside my room. I shower off the coffee and weed stench lingering on me. I work on homework until three am and fall asleep before finishing history homework which isn't due for two days.

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