A Lost Memory Chapter 4

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"Didn;t your boyfriend got tired to see you upset all the time?You will get older more faster if you stay like this.And you will become ugly Yara onnie. lol :P "

The damm kid loved to tease her.He looked innocent but he was a little devil that was hidding under his angeling sweet look.

Everyone came at the festival so she couldn't miss eigther.

She saw for few moments few meters away from her, Jaewon with a bunch of his friends and classmates.What catched her attention was the fact that from all those happy studends especially girls,Jaewon was with a girl that looked kinda pale and sad but very beautiful for sure.It was Soon Yi.Jaewon was laughing.His laughing was so contagious.Only hearing it ,it could make you smile.

Than he turned around and made a heart sign for Soon Yi that started to blush  and with a huge smile he came on the little stage and started to play on piano.

The song was so nice.He knew to play piano so beautiful.And his voice was so soft and deep in a way.

A song full of melancholy was the one that he sang.

He didn't gave no attention to her during all the festival and what it made her even more upset was the fact that her eyes were always looking for him.She wanted to knew where was he,what he was doing.

During all the afternoon he didn't leave from Soon Yi's side and Yara could see that she was very happy beeing around him.

If she could be korean  and if she could be the same age of her students....her love for Jaewon would have been possible and not a sin or a horrible thing like it was seeing from her opinion and from the others opinions as well.

When this studend of her slownly but for sure got into her skin,making her always been worried about him.She could feel that he was hidding something.


 - We want you to quit.You are not welcome at this high school anymore.You are a shame for us.

 - Jaewon is having a hard time because of you.I hate you!We want him back! the female student screamed with hate at her pushing her aside a little.Go back to your damm country and leave us alone.

 - What have you've done Yara ssi?You ruinined the hard work of all this year for what?For an adventure with a student?the teacher that she was getting well with told her seeing her dissapointment in her eyes.THIS type of love it is not allowed.It is like a drug that you should stay away from.

 - Why you are trying to take him away from me?He is the most important person in my life.He is the one that gave me life once again.Please,leave him alone.I am his girlfriend.Soon Yi cried.

 - But he came to ME.He huged me and he kissed ME in that night you were looking for him.Yara shouted with hate.After the words beeing said Soon Yi scremed to stop saying it and she covered her ears runing with her face wet of tears.Even her couldn't bellieved what she just said.

 - What did you told ot Soon Yi?She is like this because of you.What you did told her?? Jaewon shouted at her very upset with a pale face that looked so tired at Yara.For the first time the white woman could see disgust into his eyes.Disgust for her.Soon Yi was about to die again.And it is all your fault!

 - Miss Yara White...i want you to understand one thing.I won't allow like you to have a bad influention for my child.Jaewon would be a great doctor and i won't allow like you to make him quit his studies because YOU charm him and make his hormons act weird.Do you understand?? the cold voice of the elegant,sofisticated woman that was the one that gave birth of Jaewon was making her feel the worst woman in this world.

 - I don't wanna stay away from you.i tried but i cant.I can;t Yara! Jaewon cried huging her while she paniced and she told him to let her go.Francis saw that!Francis...


Her eyes opened wide while she felt that she didn't had air.Again all those memories were into her head.

Arriveing to Seoul didn't gave her a very depressing feeling.It was just a matter of time until Francis would find her.

Having nowhere to go  she returned to her old apt.in which she used to live since she came to Seoul for the first time.

The silent sound of the door of the apartament was locking.Her heart jumped when she looked at the coutch not far away from the living room that was kinda dark because of the cortains.

  - What took you so long?I came at you because there is no other place i can go.I'm still a minor you know?

I run away from home.So i came to you.the shadowed face of Jaewon looked at her.

Those happened a long time ago.All these memories....

Why she couldn't stop remembering them.It was like seeing a movie she hated but she could see it on and on.

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