A Lost Memory Chapter 4

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Chap 4  - All i want is to be with you





"I'm not good in beeing romantic,friends say i'm good in expressing feeling through songs and this is one of my dreams.To be a composer.Writting lyrics that people can find themself in those.

I was choosen ot play for the school festival that will be tomorrow.

My question is...Will you come so that you could tell me if i should give up at that dream or not?

I'll be waiting...

                                 Your annoying student,oh yeah that is me :P

                                                                                                Park Jaewon imnida!XD :D :P "

What a random and silly letter she could receive from that kid!she thought while staring at the piecve of paper that she found on her desk under her purse.

It sounded so imature but so sweet as well she had to recognized.

This festival was what about all the students were so exited all about in the last month.Eveyone where so busy with the projects that they had for it.So jaewon was going ot participate on this festival as well.

She smiled while she was puting her books on her little desk from the teacher (cancelarie).

 - Yara ssi....you look very happy about something.Everything is ok?the annoying voice of the old teacher of math imterrupted her nice thoughts.The woman was insisting looking at her.

- Yes,everything is fine.Why wouldn't be?

 - In tnis school can happen lots of things.Did you heard of hidden relationships from teachers and their students?It is so shameful.I would die if something would happen to me.

And this can bring lots of problems to both sides...

 - Oh really?Someone is having this type of problem?

 - Hmm..the woman smirked with mean. I heard sone bad rumours abourt you,Yara ssi.I hope the students are just joking and that is notihing from what they said ..i hope it is not true..

 Yara's face became a little pale.What  rumours?ThaT Jaewon was trying ot be more closer to her than the other students?

- Nothing is true.I feel really sad that Eunji ssi has such a bad opinion about me.

 - Oh,it is nothing like that,my dear.Juat that your world and our world are very diferent and you gotta understand that.Remember it.Here is Korea not USA.

 - Sure...she mumbled smiling.

That damm old witch! She couldn't stand her since she came at this high school.She was a rasist for sure.But Yara learned that she had to be polite andcalm.Never to show what it is happenig into her soul.Hide the feelings that you have.

Living in Seoul wasn't a easy thing.

It became even more harder since Jaewon found out her handphone number and at night from time to time he would send her messages like:

 "Tonight i cannot sleep.I feel worried because of the tests we have this week."

"Look at tv on chanel 4 .It is a very good movie.I hope you will like it.Onnie.:P"

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