A Lost Memory Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 - Lost

"Heaven knows what you;ve been through

So much pain...

Even if you can;t see me,i'm not far away

We always said .if one of us somehow

Went away..

We would light a candle and say a pray

Know that love would still remain.

Close your eyes ,go to sleep,

Know my love is all around

Dream in peace when you wake

You will know i'm still with you.

Live you're life from this day on

And love again

I know you would stay the same for me

That;s the way the love suppose to be

Close your eyes,go to sleep.

Know that my love is all around

Dream in peace and when you wake

You will know I'm still with you....."

This song....brought her tears in her eyes.She knew this song,she loved it.But from where?Why she found it so special?

She was locked up in that room since the evening that she pronounced Jaewon's name in front of Francis.

She had to escape from this prison.

The headache that she was having was so strong..But even if her health was kinda bad,that wouldn't stop her trying.

All day long she was looking for the key that Francis was kept it hiden from her.

Her eyes became big and somehow she felt a little scared knowing that now she could escape finally...

Making her luggage in a hurry,she managed ot leave the apartament that she was kept locked for 2 weeks.

She took a taxi and went to the airport.Her targget was Korea.She had to discover her past that was still conffused.

This horrible headache stilll didn't wanted to go away even after she bought the ticket and with ferm steps she was going straight to the plane that will bring her back from where she left.

So many people,so much noise..everyone seemed in such a hurry to arrive to the destinations they had...

But through that sea of people that her eyes were seeing ,she saw a woman that gave her a weird feeling.

 - I know this woman! suddenly she said and she looked at her with more attention.

She was a beautiful asian young woman dressed with a pale pink long dress.She was so gorgeous reminding her of those faiyies,or the models that you could see in those huge posters on some buildings.

Without thinking she grabed the woman's thin arm....

- Yara..she mumbled.

 - Soon Yi......i need your help.

it was amazing..She could remember so suddenly her name.

 - Why would i help you?you know i do not like you.We are rivals.And now after everything is settle down you want ot make our lifes a storm again?I won't let you to make Jaewon to suffer again.

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