A Lost Memory Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - It was you..?

A suave sound of a piano...with echo was hearing so well into her ears...than a genlte manly voice..singing a sad song with the piano.....

"..finding you,love, in a rainy day full of sadness

tears were sheeded followed by a tight hug

Say you will live for me

Say you will smile for me

The pain is profound but with the thought i'll chear you

Tell to destiny to let us live even if the love to kill

Is a mean reason for them...

Do you want to die?....

Hello love please live for me.."

Listening this song she wanted so much to cry..Why?...

Such a nice feeling but so full of a huge sadness...

The voice..she wanted to hug somehow that voice that was singing and sounded familiar to her.Who was he?

Lots of  aplause was heard in hear ears after that the song was almoust at the end...

The young man,he looked at her and smilied so shy.Her heart was melting of so much warmth...

He came ot her and wanted to tell her something but then a phone was ringing and she suddenly she woke up.

- Are you ok?Another nightmare? Francis with a sleepy voice asked her.

She only nooded that she was fine even if her interior was so shaked up lately.

- You should visit a doctor.I do not like the way you feel lately.You have too many nightmares.

 - I am fine.Don't worry.I don't have to go to a doctor.Probably it is because of the stress.she tried to make an excuse.

Francis gave her a long glance like he was feeling that she was lieing somehow and he didn't liked that.With a lazy move,he answered the phone.

Yara didn't payed attention at all at the conversation that her so called husband was having.

Her mind was still thinking of that dream.

The young man from the dream was the same one from the other dream.And what made her more stressed was the fact that she couldn't see his features too well.It was so blurry!...Maybe if she could see his features,maybe she could remember something.

Her instinct was telling her that the best is to leave without thinking in Seoul ,there where she used to work.She had the adress from one of her books,written on a piece of paper and hidden in there.

But that man,Francis wouldn't allow like her to be alone not even for 1 hour.She felt like she was kept in a prison and the frustrasion was so familiar...

Did she has even been through this?....

The only thing she could do now was trying to get an answer from her mother at least,even though she couldn't feel that very close bond between a mother and a daughter.

That woman was always nervous when she tried so many times to find out something about her past that she couldn't remember and all the time she was changing the topic very fast.

Yara had to inssist though.Puting very slowly the cup of tea that she was drinking she asked very calm.

 - Mother,how did i end up in Seoul.And why did i wanted to teach in there?

 The face of the old woman got shadows but seeing that the expression of her daughter was telling that this time she will inssist more,she decided to tell her.

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