⚽️ Kasper Dolberg ⚽️

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Kasper Prince Charming Dolberg

- Taken by my great friend hummelsino

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- Taken by my great friend hummelsino

- Is literally the Prince Charming everyone dreams

- Super romantic

- Real gentleman

- Loves to live everyday and enjoy every moment without thinking too much about the future

- But definitely wants some little Kaspers one day

- Amazing smile that makes your heart melts

- Is not too much into PDA, but loves to hold your hand in public

- Little shy at the beginning, but once you know him, he's very social

- Good chef

- Likes relaxing things

- Will do anything for you, including shopping and will not drag about it for years

- Takes you chocolate and ice creams and everything you need when you are on period

- Mostly important, he buys the right tampons

- Husband material

Dedicated to my friend hummelsino who loves Kasper!!❤️❤️
~ Светлана✨

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