Chapter Six

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Brad POV

"Hey do you want to go ahead and leave? I gotta talk to her anyway."

"Yeah sure." We both go out to our own cars and he follows me to Brits place. We pull in about fifteen minutes later and I see a black car here. Who could that be? I get out, going to her door with Neil following. Jesus it's fucking cold. I put my ear on the door and hear two voices singing. Oh that must be John. I pull out my spare key, quietly opening the door to see John strumming and Brittany singing. She spots me and holds up a finger.

"Now I'm in our secret place, alone in your embrace! Where all my wrongs have been erased, you have forgiven." She sings beautifully. I look over at Neil to see he's smiling.

"All the promises and lies
All the times I compromise
All the times you were denied
You have forgiven" John sings with her.

A few minutes later they finish. I watch as she clicks on her computer, finishing the recording. She then walks over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck giving me a hug.

"You're so fucking short." I laugh at her. She slaps my chest and then walks over to Neil.

"Can you give me like fifteen minutes then we can leave?" She asks sweetly. He nods.

Brittany POV

I walk up the stairs to find some warm clothes. I chose a skirt and thick tights.

After slipping on my boots, I walk back downstairs where the three men are talking

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After slipping on my boots, I walk back downstairs where the three men are talking.

"Brit come here I need to talk to you." Brad motions me to the kitchen. I follow him, a little worried about what he wants to talk about. When i get over to him, he turns his back on me, opening up my medicine cabinet. My nerves immediately jump, afraid that he'll find the two bottles that I hide. I bite the inside of my cheek when he puts the bottle of anti depressants and blades on the counter. He looks me straight in the eyes, crossing his arms and leaning on the counter.

"I thought we were over with this Brit." He says sternly. I turn my eyes away from him, way too embarrassed to look him in the eyes.

"I will have to tell Matt about this." He says as he walks towards me, yanking up my sleeves to show cuts over my tattoos.

"Please don' know he'll worry."

"Brittany I have no choice! We all need to take care of this. You're not going to go on like this. I don't even know if maybe one day I come over here and you're on the fucking floor! You know you can't get depressed. I know you hate it Brit but this is your lifestyle." He pulls me into his embrace, kissing my forehead.

"Go have fun. But after, go straight to Matt's." I nod and go back to Neil, putting on a smile.

"Ready?" He asks and i nod. I give John and Brad one last hug and then leave.

"I saw an iceskating place not too far. We can go there." He suggests.

"Yeah that sounds great!" I say as he pulls out of my driveway.

When we get there, we pay and get our skates.

"Ok I'm going to warn you...I suck at this." I say while laughing. He chuckles.

"You can hold on to me." He said with a wink making me giggle.

We walked carefully in our skates to the ice. The second I put my foot on the ice, i almost slip. Neil laughs, grabbing my hand.

"Do you trust me?" I giggle

"I don't know if I should." I say while laughing. He wraps his other hand around my waist with the other one still holding my hand. I blush. I laugh again when we both almost fall.

"I'm terrible at this." I said with a smile.

"That you are." We both burst out laughing.

We end up skating for hours. But when it started to close around 9 we had to leave.

Neil drove me to Matt's place where I saw both of my brothers car. He walked me up to the door, where my nerves already spiked up.

"So...I'll see you later?" He asks with a smile, making me smile. I nod. He turns around for a second, but then turns back around. He grabs my shoulders gently, and lays a gentle kiss on my cheek. My face immediately heated up as he walked away.

I turned and faced the door, taking a deep breath before knocking. Matt answered, stepping to the side to let me in. Walking in, I saw Brad on the couch with a beer, and on the table were the two medicine bottles he found earlier.

"Uh...was that Neil?" Matt asked from behind me.

"Yeah. We were just hanging out." He squints his eyes at me. So protective.

"Brit what's going on?" Brad askes as he took a swig of beer. I sigh, sitting in one of the chairs across from the couch, and putting my purse beside it.

"You guys just don't understand do you? I have to spend every fucking day being of trying to be happy just for my health. When really I'm not in the least bit. I have HIS heart beating in me and it kills me everyday!" I cross my arms over my chest, putting my knee over my other.

"That's why i take the anti depressants. They keep the stress and depression down." I stated plainly, looking straight at them.

"Look i don't need you guys treating me like a kid! I know what I have to do. I know what i can and cannot do. I've known my whole entire life! I'm fine guys! I'm fine as long as i put on that fucking smile and tell myself and everyone arround me that everything is alright. Now can i please go, i have work in the morning."
Matt sighed and got up so i followed him.

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