Chapter 1

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My black heels clicked against the marble floor of the large spiral staircase as I slid my hand down the railing before coming to a halt

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My black heels clicked against the marble floor of the large spiral staircase as I slid my hand down the railing before coming to a halt.

"Thea I have some important things I'd like to discuss with you" My father Rico called from the foyer.

"What" I rolled my eyes not ready for another round of father vs daughter.

"What did I say about talking to me in that tone young lady" he clipped glaring at me dangerously.

"Sorry" I murmured standing awfully still.

"siéntate"he glared gesturing for me to sit across from him.
"The school called again. You've been kicked out of the academy for good this time. Their transferring you to the academy for prestige delinquents yeah I'm sure you'll fit right in with them" he said rolling his eyes.

"I'm kicked out?" I asked trying to fake shock as a sense of relief spread throughout my body.

"Yeh don't act surprised. Are you kidding me Thea a smoke bomb in the science department, consumption of alcohol in class and your fifth fight in a month" he raised an eyebrow in question not seeming slightly bothered by the news. "and that's not even half of it"

"Well in my defence-

"I don't wanna hear it. Frankly I couldn't care less about what you do in school as long as you don't get yourself kicked out again. I have an image to uphold in the public eye Thea remember that" he said placing his glasses into his pocket and patting his shirt down.

"Of course you don't care about it. It's not like you care about me in general" I glared standing up from the antique chair.

"Don't ever use that tone with me ever again" His eyes narrowed into slits. "Remember your living under my fucking roof so you better respect me"

"You really think I want to live here" I laughed humourlessly. "As soon as I turn 18 I'm fucking leaving"

"Don't forget you have a date with the CEO of  Knight and Co's son coming up" he reminded dismissing my other comment.

"Seriamente papa don't tell me your starting with that shit again" I gritted anger dripping through my voice.

"Your going to marry who I say your going to marry Thea stop arguing with me over this" he seethed his hand wrapping itself tightly around my wrist and making me wince in pain.
"You understand me" He said his dark eyes staring into mine as his expensive gold ring cut deeply into my skin drawing crimson blood.

"Fuck you" I sneered snatching my hand out of his hold and making my way to the large door.

"Don't forget Thea if you don't agree with who I want you to marry I'll just have to pay your brother a little visit. Hope he's having fun in college" he threatened making me stop dead in my tracks.

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