Chapter Eight

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Grayson walked back into the room to see the girl wasnt there. He quickly started panicking and was about to tell the doctor.

"You good?" She asked.

He quickly turned around to see the girl with the nurse in the bathroom.

He forgot the nurse was in here with her.

Grayson felt the weight lift off his chest as he walked back to the chair by over the window.

"You and that chair have become very close" the girl smirked.

"Oh yeah this chairs a buddy of mine now" He replied with sarcasm.

"You know, not to say what happened was good, but your arm looks better in the  cast.. makes you look More tough" She said walking to the hospital bed.

"I never do know if your complimenting me or insulting me" I laughed.

The Nurse then left the room and walked back in rolling another bed.

"Thanks" I told the Nurse.

She nodded and walked back out.

"Sorry about your arm by the way" the girl said.

Grayson began walking to his bed and looked at his cast. "This thing? It's fine I like it, makes me look more manly" he smirked exaggerating the Manly.

"But If I have to add, if you wanted to look manly you shouldn't have picked blue" she smirked back.

"That's... well.. insulting, but now that you say that I agree" I said sitting on the bed.

The nurse then walked back in with 2 trays of food.

"Oh great thanks" I said walking over to the nurse and getting my tray first then putting it on my bed, then going back and getting the other tray and handing it to the girl.

"Thank you" she replied taking the tray.

Before the nurse left she handed me 2 pills.

"What's this for?" I asked.

"Pain killers, just Incase your arm starts hurting" she said walking out.

"Huh okay thanks "

I walked back to my bed putting the pills in my pocket, and looked at my tray,
It was Chicken and mashed potatoes, and a thing of jello.

The chicken was well... let's just say it didn't look appetizing.

"I hate hospital food, the foods always so ew, it's like they want their patients to die" she said poking at her chicken.

"Harsh" I laughed. "But this isn't so bad, I've eaten worse." I continued.

"Like what " she asked.

"Well my brother Ethan thinks he can cook, so he's always making things and serving them to me... let's just say he either over salts it or burns it, or both" I smirked ripping a piece of chicken.

"You and your brother seem close"

"Well we were in the womb together for 9months, I don't think we can get closer than that."

"So your a twin?, huh that's cool, it's like someone stole your face."

"More like I stole his" I laughed. "He's older, and I'm surprised you didn't see him, he was there too" I continued saying.

The girl then looked down and began to get quiet.
Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that someone else saw her trying to end her life.

"I- um I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you sad or anything"

"No it's okay.. um You want my jello" she said already practically throwing it at me.

"That was aggressive, and you don't want it?" I said taking a bite of the mashed potatoes.

"No I don't like jello"

"What even, who doesn't like Jello."

"Me duh" she said a little more happy.

"So do you have any siblings?" I asked.

"Damn slow down there big boy" she laughed looking at my tray.

I already am almost finished with my food, while she's barely working on the mashed potatoes.

"Leave me alone I haven't ate in like forever" I laughed.

"And yeah.. I have a brother his names Finneas"

"You guys close?" I asked.


Then the nurse came back in and asked if we needed anything. She took my tray and the girl handed the nurse hers too. The nurse raised her eyebrow at the girl.

"I'm not hungry, especially for this"

The nurse rolled her eyes and took both trays.

"Wait" the girl said stopping the nurse then sitting up right.

"Can you bring a sharpie ?" She asked

The nurse nodded and walked out.

"Looks like this nurse isn't the talking type after 6 pm " the girl said slouching back down.

"What's the sharpie for?"

"To sign your cast duh"

"You say duh a lot don't you" I laughed.

"It's a habit"

"Want to get something from the vending machine so you can eat something?" I asked.

"Maybe later" she said.

"You know the chicken wasn't too bad"

"I'm vegan so I wouldn't have eaten it anyways."

The nurse walked back in and handled the girl the sharpie.

"Thanks" she said as the nurse walked out.

"Okay come here, she said standing up."

"So demanding" I said getting up and walking to her.

When she was done I looked at it.

"Huh, so your names Billie?"

"Yeah I'm Billie, Billie Eilish if you want my full name" she said sitting back down on her bed again.

"Oh well, um nice to meet you Billie."

"Like wise Grayson".. "You know what yeah let's go to the vending machine, I'm hungry now" she continued.


I have like major ideas for this book, but it's so hard to think about how to write it tho. As you can see my writing is probably below average and I'm sorry for that lol.

 As you can see my writing is probably below average and I'm sorry for that lol

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