long time no see 五

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trinity !

so we kept looking for shoes out of nowhere i heard somebody yelling my name " trinity baby " the voice said i turned around and saw the person i wish i never saw again

kentrell . me and kentrell had history but he wasn't loyal at all and i stayed and looked stupid till i finally was fed up with his ass

me and kentrell first started being friends when i was 6 we started dating when i was 15 i'm 18 now and i got my shit together and i really don't wanna get back into that with him

" yes kentrell " i said with some attitude

" lemme holla at u got a minute in private " he said motioning me to the restroom

i huffed and walked over there

" i got it " i slapped his had because he was opening the door like i'm handicap  i walked into the restroom and felt him staring at my eyes

" wassuh " i said leaning on the sink

" listen trinity i changed like
for real i don't have no hoes nomo i have four kids and i'm tryna get my life together i miss u so much bro words can't even explain u was there when nobody else wasn't u was like my bestfriend and girlfriend i need u like for real i know i fucked up when we was together but i miss u like for real i was thinking yesterday of how much u took up for me when we were kids " kentrell said

making me clucked at the last part i use to get in trouble because of him so much lord " i hear ya kentrell but i fully moved on u hurt me over and over and i stayed there like a stupid ho , ian tryna get into that plus i gott boyfriend so " i said struggling

" that's fine can we be best friends and can i get yo number " he asked

" ima have to think about like can i go now " i asked walking towards the door

" i guess " he said as we both walked back into footlocker

" and kentrell yo eyes don't belong on my ass " i said while picking up some phomes

" can i have these in a size 5 " i said to the worker

" damn ma yo feet little ash but ofc " he said with a wink

" thank u " i said waiting for him to come back lawd he was fine he was a brownskin with waves and a grill

" here babygirl " he said with a smirk

" thank u " i said while giving him 185$

he gave me my receipt and it had his number i gave him a smile and stuff the receipt in my pocket

" i wanna go to the food court a bitch hungry hell " kira said

" ong " we all said we made our way to the food court and i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned around to see taniya

" wassuh " i said " look at yo bitch ass boyfriend " she pointed over there where him and a girl was sitting on his lap pecking his lips

" girl idc she can have him cause one thing i'm not finna do is fight over a nigga " i said

" y'all can chill out they ain't worth it " i chuckled at new new , braniya , kira and taniya putting they hair into a ponytail and taking off they shoes

" mmh whatever cause i'm in the mood to rock a mother fucker " kira said rolling her eyes

kira !

3three was looking so damn fine lord ham mercy i was sitting there pissed ass hell because demarcus ho ass i hate seeing my sister hurt like that shit be cutting me deep when she cry

i haven't seen her cry since her and kentrell . me and kentrell where like sisters and brothers but when he cheated on her the first time i disliked him so bad

me and 3 on the other hand we had some history a longggg time ago i honesty never got 100 % over him that was my first love , my first boyfriend , and he took my virginity

but he became distant and come to found out he had a whole other life , he had a girlfriend that wasn't me , 3 kids , and a baby mama when i found out he started calling so damn much like for real i thought that i was

pleasing him well i gave him pussy WHENEVER he wanted it even if i wasn't in the mood

whoever was tapping me interrupted my thoughts i looked up to see 3 tapping me

" yes ? " i said

" how u been u look good " he said

" actually good and i been looking good u was just blind " i said walking over wendy's

" i know kira and i'm sorry- please don't start this u going to say u sorry that u was caught up in the moment blah blah and i'm honestly tired of hearing it u had a whole another life so bell nah it's not no point of us getting back together u broke me and i'm not that stupid to go back sorry not sorry " he started to say but i interrupted him

" can we just catch up please kira i missed me like hell u was there for me when nobody else wasn't " he begged

" well i guess u lost that person that was there for u when nobody else wasn't " i shrugged

" u don't mean that kira man " he said with hurt in his eyes

" i do " i said looking him into his eyes and ordering my food

" can i get a number 4 " i asked the employee

taniya !

we was ordering us some wendy's and kd fine ass was just staring at me so after i paid for my food i walked over there to kd

" may i help u because u staring like u wanna say some " i said

" nah but u can give me yo number " he said with a smirk on his face

" ig gimme yo phone " i said as i put my number in his phone and he put his number in my phone

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