Chapter 107.

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"You're the smoke in the air, everywhere
You're the truth, you're the dare,
You're the lie
And I don't want to stare, but I swear
No that nothing compares,
To your eyes

I never wanna break your heart
I never wanna break your heart
I'm never gunna stop it once I start
I'm never gunna break it
My habits die hard"


"You're awake"

Harrys voice catches my attention and I snap my eyes to him walking over from the kitchen.

He notices the shocked look on my face, I'm fairly sure I look like a stunned mullet and he stops a few steps away from me.

He glances to the shelves and back to me, rubbing his hand against the back of his neck like he doesn't know what to say.

"Erm, wanted you to wake up to somethin' nice - did that while you were asleep... I know we aren't staying here but I just wanted to get rid of them... And yeah..."

I am fucking dumbfounded.

"You did all of that while I was asleep? How long was I asleep? Where did you put the tapes?" I ask, just blinking like an idiot at him.

He clears his throat, darting his eyes to the shelves again "Uh... I put them in the basement for now. Didn't really know what else to do with them, just wanted em out of the apartment. And you were asleep for about..." he turns his head to look at the clock in the kitchen then back to me "about five hours - was actually about to come get you soon so you could eat. I made you some dinner"

I was asleep for five fucking hours?

I just stare at him like an alien has inhabited his body - he's really going to act so casual about the huge step that was for him to get rid of those? And not to mention putting the butterflies there he has kept hidden for who knows how many years!

How is he so calm? I'm not calm!

"Did you sleep okay? You look kind of dazed - you feeling okay?" he asks, his brows quirking in slight worry over how I'm just staring at him.

He still seems stand offish with me, not as affectionate as he normally would be as if he doesn't know what my boundaries are with him now.

Did he forget he had me butt naked in the shower earlier?

But I guess for us that's become a way we've developed to comfort each other, there's nothing sexual behind it - it's actually oddly innocent.

He still hasn't tried to kiss me so I don't think he knows what my boundaries are at the moment, or how to act.

"I just - well the tapes and then, well - the butterflies... And you just...- I'm not making sense am I?" I blurt and Harry rolls his lips inside his mouth to hide his smile and shrugs his shoulders.

"Not really, but s'okay. It's not a big deal... Actually prefer having my butterflies there, it's a nice change. You ready for some dinner?"

Not a big deal?

Not. A. Big. Deal?

Did he fall down the stairs taking the tapes to the basement and hit his god damn head?

This is a huge deal!

I must have a look on my face that expresses my mental meltdown over this and Harry fights another smile, reaching his hand out to me "C'mon, you need to eat"

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