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Yn's pov:
Eden and Tj came in my room, they where helping me get ready for the date, wow I'm really excited.

You wore that, and put a bit of makeup, ^i got the photo from the internet^

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You wore that, and put a bit of makeup, ^i got the photo from the internet^ .
"Omg youuu look beautiful"- Eden said happy
"Omgggg pretty, beautiful!!"-Tj said
Dante's pov:
I got read, wow, today's the day I tell her how I feel. I hope she feels the same way, the boys came in my room.
"Ok Dante get it"- Blake
"Yn's going to drool over you"- Cameron
"Just watch"- Ethan
"About time"- Aidan
"Okay guys, but I'm pretty sure I'll be the one drooling over Yn" -I said laughing
We all laugh
Yn's pov:
I was done, finally, I heard a knock. I opened the door to reveal Dante Albidone.
"Wow you look really nice"- Dante
"You don't look bad your self"- I said
We got in to the car. We went to a restaurant. Lovely place.
"Hello how can I help you two today"- lady
"I called for Albidone"- Dante said
"Right this way"- Lady
We followed the lady to our table.
"What would guys like to drink"- Lady
"*drink you get at restaurants*"- I said
"A coca soda"- Dante
"Okay I'll be back with your drinks"- Lady
The lady left
"Lovely place to pick Dante"- I said
"Not as lovely as you"- Dante
It made me blush
"You're blushing aren't you"- Dante
"What noo"- I said covering my face
The lady came back with age drinks
"What would you guys like to eat"- Lady
"*food*"- I said
"*idk just pick one for him 🤣*"- Dante
*skip I really don't know what to write while they wait for food*
The lady came back with our food. We started to eat, we finished, well we saved a bit, we left the restaurant and went in the car.
"Hey Yn, soo I really like you like really and I was wondering if you would go out with me?"- Dante said rubbing the back of his neck
"I like you too, and I would love too"- I said blushing
We got back to the house.
Dante's pov:
We got back home. I went into my room and changed, I grabbed a hoodie and sweatpants, the boys came in my room.
"Sooo how did it go"-Blake
"Did you ask her?"- Cameron
"Tell me you did"- Aidan
"Come on tell us"- Ethan
"I did, and we're dating"- I said happy
"Woooo"- they cheered
Yn's pov:
I changed into some shorts and a crop hoodie. The girls came in my room .
"Sooo did he ask you"- Eden
"He better have"- Tj
"Yes he did"-I said happy
"So you guys a thing now"-Tj asked happily
"Yes"-I said happy as well and not stop smiling
"Wooooooo"-They cheered
"OMG finally! You don't know how long I was waiting for you guys to date"- Eden.
"Ok ok"- I said
We went out of my room.
"You guys wanna watch a movie"- I asked them
"Sure"- they both said
"Wanna asked the guys"- I said looking back
"Sure"they said
We laughed. I knocked on Dante's room door. Dante opened.
"Hey, what's up"- Dante
"The girls and I wanted to know if you wanted to watch a movie with us"- I said
"Let me ask them, do you guys wanna watch a movie"- Dante asked them
"Sure"they said
"Okay can I pick?"-I question hoping they all say yes
"Sure"-they all said
We went downstairs and sat on the couch, me and Dante next to each other of course, Eden and Cameron, Tj and Ethan next to each other and Aidan alone. Sksk type tuff. Haha. I choose Five feet apart, I started to cry, Dante saw me crying and cuddled with me, that's how we spent all night like. Cuddling.

^heyyy, new chapter, looks like Yn and Dante are together now. Sksks, love you all <3"

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